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  • Variety Cruises Aegean Sea
    From the Parthenon and the temple of Zeus to the treasures of the National Archaeological Museum, Athens is rich with the relics of ancient Greece. And for thousands of travelers each year it’s also the point of departure for a modern-day odyssey. The Panorama II takes you and 48 other passengers in luxe comfort from Athens, a city of nearly five million people – more than half the population of Greece — to ports of call with populations that range from more than 600,000 to less than a dozen. A bon voyage, indeed.
  • Bermuda in short Pretty in pink. Repeating Islands
    This tiny, isolated archipelago has some quirky sartorial customs, as Cheryl Blackerby reports in this article for the Palm Beach Daily News. [Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] It was lunch hour on a weekday in Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital and financial center. I was on my pink scooter in…
  • Elle Magazine
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  • Polyvore Clipper
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