Medieval Girl

Collection featuring pennabilli Rings and Waxing Poetic Earrings
  • Gold Engraved Stone Hinge Ring
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    Work medieval chic from tip to toe with engraved statement ring! Perfect for giving your essentials some girly grunge edge. Hinged centre. Turquoise stone detailing.
  • pennabilli medieval ring
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    A rather pointed fierce looking ring, just a surprise when it came out like that.
  • Medieval renaissance celtic elven silver hobbit crown circlet tiara headdress
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    An elven inspired circlet boasting bold twisted side scrolls which draw the eye through the twinned center silver plated swirls sloping down to a swarovski elements crystal adorned middle looped V. Also shown is a silver plated and warm copper variation of the design.
  • Sterling Wedding Necklace, Neckpiece, Elven Celtic Silver Jewelry Medieval Wedding Pendant - Ithildin Necklace
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    The Ithildin wedding necklace completed the ensemble with the Ithildin bridal circlet and features similar design. It includes a silver chain, so
  • Sword of Truth Earrings
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    Dainty but decidedly determined, these little swords are deft reminders that when dealt with responsibly, potentially dangerous things can be delightful! Dare to be a little reckless with your bijoux selections, and doff these with pride. If doing so raises others’ eyebrows, you can inform them that small swords symbolically reference a host of positive meanings: purification as both an action and an idea (medieval Alchemic texts); clarity of thoughts (Buddhism); truth; determination; love; bravery; chivalry, and meditation – all splendid, we think. Plus, two metal/stone pairings to choose from make even more personal ‘meanings’ possible! Earrings are 1-1/8 inches long
  • Copper Cuff bracelet - Maiden Design - Blackened Copper - Sealed -Handmade Copper Jewelry
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    Copper Cuff bracelet Maiden Design Blackened Copper Sealed- one of a kind unisex ♀ ♂ it is pliable and can be adjusted to fit / thick gauge copper is flexible and durable. I can size it specifically for you: sizing: S 5"-7", M 6"-8", L 7"- 9" (measurements based on circumference of wrist) Each is made to order upon purchase by me in my studio. I designed this with both architectural armatures and medieval iron structures in mind. Yes one inspiration was the iron maiden. This is a very thick soldered copper cuff ( 8g flattened copper wired) constructed with a torch. It is chemically blackened and sealed with a clear enamel. It has interesting bits of oxidation and fire scale throughout the finish (oranges / blues / and greens can be seen beneath the black) More CAGE / AUTOMATON designs in my shop:
  • Colonial Shoe - renaissance medieval clothing, costumes
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    Colonial Shoe - renaissance medieval clothing, costumes - Finally the shoes that meet your Puritan standards! These mid-heel canvas shoes offer an authentic pilgrim style. Heel Height: 2 1/2"

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Wrote three years ago
I love everything mediaval... so,ofcourse I love this...mhm...except when they burn you alive e.t.c.


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