Mordred (also Medraut, Modrot, etc.) has a certain degree of notoriety as a legendary traitor. Generally his mother is Morgause, half-sister of Arthur. Often his father is Arthur, either the product of an accidental incest, or in some cases, not only deliberate incest, but incest forced on his mother (you are apparently not allowed to use the word for non-consensual sex on Polyvore). A product of sin, he's generally depicted as evil, though some would argue his reign would be better on the people with less crazy super-quests than Arthur's court.

He, like others, appears to have lusted after Guinevere. In some tales, he captured and beat her but she escaped, in others, she consensually marries him. In their final battle, both Arthur and Mordred are mortally wounded. Mordred is not taken by Morgaine and the other priestesses/sorceresses to mystical Avalon. He dies and his brothers are killed by Lancelot and his men.

Mordred appears in Dante's Inferno in the innermost circle of Hell, called Caïna, where those who betrayed their kindred in life are buried in ice up to their shameful faces. Mordred is referred to as "him who, at one blow, had chest and shadow shattered by Arthur's hand."
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they have to make site palatable to 12 y/os and their girly drama.
on topic: He's played rather well in Excalibur: the movie.

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I hoped that you would do one for him, and you have brilliantly!
Non sequitur: Polyvore's censorship is really quite ridiculous.

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I like this look!

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I agree with 3d!



We all have our own style

We all have our own style

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Polyvore Guys

Polyvore Guys

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Men's fashion
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World of love and imagination (New contest : <3 Autumn <3)

World of love and imagination (New contest : <3 Autumn <3)

Welcome to all who want to share their own view of love and imagination throughout the art sets. I wanted to make a group where we all can share beautiful sets full of the positive views, which show the brighter side of the world and the life. Everyone may join, but please submit art and creativity sets only. Hugs for all of you <333 Thank you for your support <333

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