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please like the collection if you're going to like a lot of items. thank you c:


Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
smile x r5
omg! your sets are literally goals. you are also pretty friendly but we don't really talk so maybe we should do that.
sunny! you are the coolest friend I've made on polyvore. your sets are also super original and you are super sweet. we haven't talked in a while though so you should pm me.
your sets are so on point. and you are super sweet. btw I'm sorry for abandoning our group as I've been busy with school.
@thundxrstorms you're one if my inspos. i love your sets c: and you're also super nice

Wrote one year ago
hands to myself x selena gomez
@pastei-princess @sabellajl. @deeyanago @itsfashionistafaith @pirate-elle @matea2002 @nasty-fashion @igedesubawa @andrejae @asmaalover @your-an-outlaw @luly-2@nermina-kovacevic @vanessadxy @allisonawesome7

Wrote one year ago
out of the woods x taylor swift
@mimisfashiondiary @hello-crazy @ritaflagy @hazzabum @sxgittarius @lxuforyxu @natalyasidunova @fireproof723 @mizrachael @jaynnelinsstyles @gussy-styles @blonde-scorpio-xo @wvsted-hours @danijela-3 @txdal-waves @gintare-13 @sans-moderation @ane-twist @carebear-chan @drigomes

Wrote one year ago
hey angel x one direction
@m-jelic @alienbabs @eliza-redkina @social-casualtea @frozendecembermoon @laurenclaireb @oomarova @izatyramaria @sofiafashionistas @nildaa @eyeliieds @tea-and-flowers @alexiahoran3 @audreyh88 @banoffz @dominosfalldown @catie456 @totkax @apmavo

Wrote one year ago
stitches x shawn mendes
@esma178 @devlynnpoo2 @mizrachael @sofijoao @butterflyhippo @morganamerica @zalsebti @dear-maria-count-me-in @poydrastatiyana @berkleyaa @laurenclaireb @stepupdancer @shortiecoffoee @mormon-girl @polystar10 @olivenachos @c-astaway @get-weird @wallfloweir


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