Alaina Steele - {22} - Seattle, Washington
kate king.
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"Truthfully? I'm not that interesting."

"As for "history," I don't really have one. I grew up in the Seattle area, my parents aren't divorced, and my family gets along pretty well, although, if pressed, they would all admit that I'm the different one in the family: I'm the, er, black sheep, though I hate to use that phrase."

"I'm not really good at relationships, which is surprisingly, considering that I'm the most ridiculously affectionate person sometimes; I give people nicknames--like "Babycakes" and "Honeybun" and "Babybear"--and randomly hug people." 

"I'm in Paris because, well, I wanted to live somewhere that life was happening. I hated living in Washington because I felt like nothing was happening and I was completely isolated and I was just watching events happen on the timeline of my MSNBC newsfeed or the Yahoo homepage, and I couldn't stand that. I wanted to be near culture, near people, near some kind of history."

(do i have to write a bio? because i'm just now realizing that i didn't...)

"I'm a bit of a homebody; I'm most comfortable when I'm alone and have my thoughts to myself. Plus, I tend to break out in song and dance when I'm feeling particularly inspired (or not) and some people tend to find that weird. I've not the faintest idea why."

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