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◦ Chloe Rae Roberts
Age: 24
- Chloe or Rae as many people call her is very confident and a little extreme at times. She loves extreme sports and vacationing. However, her job and fiancée come first. Chloe is very driven and responsible. She also loves doing volunteer work and helping out others.

◦ Occupation
Marketing Director
Chloe’s in charge of managing Allure Events’ Marketing Department. Her job is basically working on the marketing plans for upcoming events, the budget, overseeing the company’s events and other business activities and be a team leader in her department. 

◦ Fiancée 
Arthur “Archie” Ciccarelli, 26
Chloe and Archie met on her junior year at Stanford. After graduation, he enrolled in the Army. He’s now based in Austin, Texas, where he lives with Chloe.
Looks: David Hopkins

◦ Family

- Isla Roberts, 52
She is Chloe’s socialite mother who widowed when the girls were growing up. Isla is currently working on charities full-time now.
Looks: Julianne Moore

-Katherine Roberts, 21
Chloe’s estranged little sister is now studying in Berkley University. Katherine and Chloe don’t get along very well.
Looks: Jane Levy
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