Meet Delilah
The Runaways
Name: Delilah Marshall
Age: 17
“Maybe I’m not the person everyone thinks I am.”
Likes: pastels, black, marijuana, reading, quotes, flasks, lace, blankets, bicycles, swimming, sleeping
Dislikes: ignorance, tea, the future, horn dogs, neons, mainstream music, the color yellow, humidity
Bio: Delilah is someone everyone knows, but if you asked her she’d disagree. Sure people know who she is but there are few who she’s actually bothered to get to know. She doesn’t talk much, yet she seems to somehow get invited to all of the best parties and hangs out with the most beautiful, well dressed generation in all of New York City. Some say it’s because of her outstandingly flawless looks, others because of her money, oh and her wardrobe too or maybe there’s something the queen’s of the town have seen in her that she’s refusing to share with any of us less fortunate beings. Either way Delilah is an it girl with intriguing charisma. Now if only she’d see the beauty in herself that all of the other girls hate to notice. She comes from a wealthy family, a rather traditional one at that, and has grown up in a life of luxuries which she seems to be unaware of. Popularity and success really mean nothing to her. If it were up to Delilah she’d live in a secluded cabin in the woods with just her cat and a coffee cup but unfortunately that’s not happening anytime soon. She’s got half of her senior life yet to go and then will unwillingly be shipped away to some ritzy college where she’ll learn skills to becoming a successful grown women. If she could she’d runaway from all of it but until she works up the balls she’ll just have to continue distracting herself from the wretched life most girl’s would kill.
Model: Elsa Hosk
this is just a start so i'll probably add to this


Wrote two years ago
Lovely character and hotttt love interest! Love a good student/teacher romance!

Wrote 4 years ago
he is extremely sexy. not gonna lie. ahh. and he is a perfect fit! haha.

Wrote 4 years ago
@lauren-is-not-an-owl, thank you! And I know he is! I remember watching 17 Again and was like the fuck? why's this kid getting picked on? He's HOT!?! I thought he'd be a good fit for Delilah's brother.

Wrote 4 years ago
i love this!!! sterling knight is soooooo ridiculously good looking.
and...this collection is great :) thank you.


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