Elise Engel
From: Munich, Germany
Age: 17
Likes: Piano, harp, flute, cello, music, learning, satisfaction, her family, animals
Dislikes: Not playing music, chess, her brother, the USA, complications
Elise is a musical genius. Already known around the world for her skill, she's got quite an attitude and a bunch of reasons why she's the best. Her parents, proud as could be, never question her. Her parents' relationship is one where the child wears the pants. She's got them wrapped around their thumb. All the constant praise, attention, and lauding has made Elise into a genuinely spoiled girl. She thinks she can get anything she wants just by snapping her fingers. And in truth, she probably can. Her family, as well as being overly-supportive, is extremely rich, and has too many servants to count. Elise even has her own personal servant who turns pages for her when she practices her music. She spends hours every day playing, dedicating at least one hour to each instrument. She has a huge amount of dedication, which is because she wants to be the best. Naturally, the way she keeps going, she will be. Something happens to this spoiled, rich brat, though, when she's playing music. The music seems to change her, because she goes into her own little world, and stays there. If interrupted while playing, she won't snap rudely like she usually does. She will respond quietly, dreamily, politely. Somewhere inside, there is a sweet girl. She just never comes out. And if Elise has her way, she won't. Because that sweet girl would get trampled in a world like this. Elise needs to be on top, and she needs to be mean. That's how you have to be if you want to stay there, anyways.
Model: josefin hedstrom
Taken by: emilie-ethereal

Hi there, I'm Elise.
I hope we'll get along just perfectly...
You can usually find me at the harbor. Perhaps my name might also appear in the Venice newspapers, after all I am famed in music all around Europe.
* walks away coldly without saying goodbye *

EDIT: I'm changing my model to Josefin Hedstrom

first story up soon!! yay im so excited for this roleplay... <3
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Wrote 5 years ago
Beautiful colors, nicely balanced

Wrote 5 years ago
that's such a cool name
and even cooler that you play so many instruments!
i'm chloe nice to meet you

Wrote 5 years ago
Why? It's easy, actually, I like to party, meet new boys and just have some fun, nothing out of the normal,
xo Mel.

Wrote 5 years ago
@oh-so-barbarella i don't quite understand people like you.
@luxecouture nice to meet you too...




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