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Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail 
• Your first kiss, past relationships, your view on love, relationships, and men

1. Mir, top outfit. 
Mir's first love was Rider, modeled after Justin Long. They had a hot and cold relationship, either all passion or nothing. She suffered a miscarriage and they later got engaged. Both of them cheated on each other, but they ultimately broke up when Miranda began to work with Beau. She fell for him immediately, and being the good guy he was, he didn't want to share her. She called off her engagement for a whirlwind romance with Beau. Beau and her got married in secret, after she struggled with deciding if she really could go through all this again. Ultimately they got married, and lived blissfully for awhile. Then she got pregnant, and problems started up again. Although neither of them had wanted it, they pulled it together and eventually became amazing parents. Clearly, 4 kids later, they got over that.

2. Di, bottom outfit
Di's first "love" was Charlie, whom she met in high school. She lost her virginity to him, but for her, it was never that serious. He fell hard, and even postponed college to wait for her. However, when it was time for her to leave for college, she broke up with him. Heartbroken, he proposed. She turned him down, and spent the remainder of her summer and first semester of college in many brief relationships. Charlie later came back as the joker. Bad stuff. 
Di's bisexual, and after Charlie she was convinced she just wanted to explore life. Then she met Oliver and began another tumultous relationship. She didn't want the commitment, and he got drunk and hooked up. But they both were in love, and after years of denying it, they finally moved in. Later, she kinda forced him into having a child, but after two engagements, they finally got married, and had 3 more kids. She also adopted his daughter from another relationship. She later fell in love with Logan as well, but things got figured out, and after a period of an open relationship with Oliver, that ended, her and logan became best friends, and she and Oliver finally had a normal relationship. For now, things are always changing, and this was hard to sum up lol
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