His full name is Phoenix Oliver Shame Sterling. He's 18 years old. He's an only child so he's sort of spoiled by mom and dad. His parents are named Crow Shame and Elizabeth Sterling. His father is a wizard and his mom an ex-vampire. When Phoenix was conceived, his mother had just been changed back into a human so he was able to suck up some vampire gene. He isn't sure if he's some kind of hybrid but the kids his age make fun of him for not being a full blood. The odd thing about him is need for blood. Phoenix is known for being a loner. He doesn't like to interact with others. He's also very blunt and no one seems to like it. He's actually very sweet and wild but no one really knows that, he's just the weird goth kid that draws under a tree. Phoenix is very attractive and seductive so there are some people that do crush on him but no one asks him out since he rejects people. He doesn't like them at all. He has few friends that he actually considers friends but doesn't spend much time with them. He also doesn't get along with his cousins. Phoenix's enjoys spending time back home in the Shame manor then being at school. He's into music, art and voodoo. One of his bad habits is smoking, he picked that up by watching the humans. And the only girl he likes, no loves, the owner of his heart happens to be his enemies sister. He's madly in love with Callista Hadden. He just wishes she felt the same.

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