THE SET - Make a set with you [female idol you picked as the leader of your team] and 5 things you can't live without; you can use photos of those things or just objects, both ways shown in my set:)
Write 5 things you can't live without
[in my case: pillows, hair accessories, tea, movies and hair conditioners]
And now your job as a leader is to decide who is staying in which room in your camp house;
your camp house consist of two bedrooms: one has a bunk bed, the second has two beds - one single and one couple. So who is taking which bed? :)

First, the five (material) things I can't live without. My laptop (with wifi so I can watch movies and dramas and listen to my music), skittles (I absolutely adore them and still remember when someone stole my pack of skittles at camp, I was not amused), books (books = love), tea (in my fox mug of course, tea = more love), and hoodies (they're just ridiculously comfortable).

Now onto the rooming arrangements, which took a pathetically long time to figure out I'll admit. In the room with three beds; Hongbin and Yongguk will share a bed because Hongbin is the maknae and Yongguk just seems like the type to give in easily even if he is a leader, and Kikwang will get the single. Basically the three guys that are most likely to wake up early to work out. That leaves me bunking with L because he seems the most likely to sleep in and not accidentally wake me up. So it's the more athletic guys in one room and then the chill art peeps in the other.
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