Yup, my title is so dumb. 
Sorry, it doesn't really look like I did a whole lot to this set. I wanted to add some text to it but I didn't like how that was looking. But I really do love how this turned out. Plus, it's Megan Fox! Lol.
Not much more to say, just got off work. I wanted to put up a quick sets before I leave though. I am going to go play some bingo with my family at the bar. My first time, I am so excited. I hope I win. Haha.. Then I believe I am going to my friend's to have a bonfire. Well, that is if the weather lets us. So, not sure if I will be on later. But I hope to be. I still have some AP Bio to do. Ugh.. 
Created September 11, 2010 4:57pm Central

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