Megan Taylor Powers
age: 18
hometown: Brooklyn, New York
background info: Megan Taylor Powers certainly lives up to her last name. Since she was little, she's always been trying to go fast, when she found speed skating, it was the perfect thing. When she skates she's full of power and goes all out. She was almost suspended but promised to reign it in a bit. When she's on the ice she's wild, sarcastic, spunk, and daring. But when she steps off the ice, she looses it. She tends to be quite, and less outgoing. Maybe she'll learn to keep her confidence on and off the ice & make it to the olympics. 
model: Taylor Momsen
taken by: -sincerely, alexis (hopefully :D)

a. Megan
b. Ashley Carmichael
c. Zoe Christensen

We rounded the last turn, and started our last lap. We pushed our hardest and skated our fastest. We all wanted to be first, but only one of us would get what we wanted, a concept unusual to a group of girls who grew up getting what they want. 
We pushed even harder when the finish line came into view. We crossed the finish line and we all thought we had won. 
We all looked to our coach, Cecilia, to tell us who won. But she never did. She always told us that it didn't matter who came in first in training. It only matters during a real competition. Because the person who wins every practice race may not be the person who stays after everyday and practices extra and pushes harder. Because that's what matters in the real competition. 

What Cecilia did do, was tell each of us, what we did right and more importantly, what we did wrong. 
I listened to the advice she gave to the other girls, not because I wanted to gain some sort of comfort or make myself feel better from listening to what they did wrong, but that it could apply to me, or all of us too. 

"Megan, you rounded that last turn very messily and carelessly. Work on it. Speed and raw power doesn't make you win. You need rhythm 
 and grace. Try skating to music, that'll help." 

I nodded, taking in what she told me. It was the hardest thing for me, my biggest problem. Just skating my fastest and hardest wouldn't get me anywhere. 

After we finished our warm down the other girls gathered their things and made plans for the limited time they had before bed check. 

"Let's go to Café Bar Odéon," offered Honor. 
"Hey, megan you want to come with us?" asked Vienna. 
"No thanks, I'll take a rain check." 
"Come on megan, you can't come to Zurich and not experience the town. And I heard the hockey guys will be there tonight." they nagged me. 

"I didn't come here to experience Zurich or meet hot guys, I came here to train for the olympics, so I can win gold." I said back. 

The looked at me, knowing I wouldn't have dared to say something like that if we had been just 500 feet away, off the rink and just in Schließfach. 
Honor shrugged and looked at Vienna, "Suit yourself." she said to me. 

"Have fun!" I shouted at them as they walked to change into their regular clothes. 
The rink was quiet as soon as everyone left, it was perfect. 
I recalled what Cecilia told me, and I pulled out my ipod. Normally she would tell us not to skate while listening to music because we need to focus. But, I guess this was different. 

I put in my earphones under my helmet, and scrolled to find a good song to skate to, probably something with a good beat. 
I chose Natasha Bedingfield's new single, Touch, it had a great beat. 

I set off skating with the music pouring into my ears and my feet, because they began to move along with the beat. Cecilia was right, as she was most of the time. 

I began to round the corner and I skated, still in beat with the song. After the turn I looked up to the coaches' box where Cecilia stood there. She waved slightly and gave me a thumbs up. 

I smiled and went back to skating, and sung out loud to the song. 

"Gonna party all night till the sun comes up. Cuz it feels like the world dissapears around us. When we dance, when we laugh, when we touch."
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two comments

Wrote 6 years ago
so cuteee (:
im trying out for honor (:

Wrote 6 years ago
ahh so cute :D


talented roleplayers of polyvore

talented roleplayers of polyvore

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?All Role Plays?

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