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I walked back in forth around my closet trying to put all my clothes away. I almost wished I hadn't brought so much with me! Shoes lay in piles next to a mound of designer shirts and hangers were strewn about the floor. 

A knock sounded at my door. I made my way out of my closet having to jump some piles of clothes. I opened the door to see a delivery man. "Are you Jamie Lancaster?" He asked politely. " The one and only." I said with a smile. He nodded and motion someone forward. The guy was carry three bouquets of roses. "Aww." I cooed. Then another guy came carrying ANOTHER three bouquets. "Oh." I said shocked. Who was all of this from??? "Thanks." I said as the six bouquets were handed to me. I wobbled walking into my room, roses blocking my line of vision but some how getting to my bed. I lay them down gently and looked at the tags. One read, "To Jamie, LOVE YA GIRL! Love Mel." Awww! I hoped she liked the flowers I sent her! The next one was from Bianca, "LOVE YA Bee-yotch!" I laughed yes that was a Bianca message! The rest said "Babygirl." On them. I sat puzzled what does that mean? Then I remembered yesterdays encounter with the football team. "OH!" I exclaimed. The football team sent me flowers?

After putting them all in vases and distributing them around my room. I grabbed my adorable navy bag and walked out my door, down the hall and stepped into Mel's room. "Knock knock!" I said entering the room. "Ah!" Someone yelped. I ran toward the noise only to see Mel trying to claw her way out of a pile of clothes. I busted out laughing. Only Mel would do this to herself haha! I walked over and pulled her out. "Thanks." she said fixing her top. "Thanks for the roses." I said giving her a hug, "And you look AMAZING." I added. Mel smiled. "No prob and thank you for yours!" We walked into her room, out of the closet and sat down on her bed. "So what's on the agenda?" I asked and waited for her reply.
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