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i adore the colours in this set. the dress is adorable as well, and the sneakers give it a more edgy look. the sneakers and dress together were coincidental but i just remembered that there's a contest going on right now for dresses + sneakers so that's cool. there's the vampire weekend a punk tape, the acne sign, a frankie mag, the cutest fluffy phone case ever, cute peach accessories, an ice block, and plenty enough white items to tie it all together. let's just put it this way: i am quite proud of myself

i went to the city yesterday and bought two doctor who shirts (!! the one with the doctor who logo in a galaxy pattern with matt smith fading into it and the blue tardis one) from jayjays, since the normal shopping center here shut down their jayjays shop, i think. then i went to maccas and got the lemonade slushie thing with popping candy (which btw scared me big time lol be prepared when putting popping candy in basically anything) and did some shopping for mum. also visited dad at work so it was a good day

i was tagged by two lovely girls known as @ladykrystal and @annamari-a

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ 

full name: jemma *insert my insanely cool surname that i'm not supposed to share online??*
age: fifteen just about, can you hear me trying to make myself sound older
where do you live: australia
height: no idea actually
grade: 10


hair color: brown
hair texture: silky but thick
hair length: shoulder length
eye color: brown
glasses: nope


favorite season: summer
favorite month: february. so many cool things happen in february; my birthday, amazing weather, i see a lot of people that time of year, and it's just a really enjoyable month tbh
favorite number: 2
favorite holiday: idk
favorite color: red
favorite sport: cricket?
favorite song: ah i can't answer this for my favourite song changes almost weekly
favorite book: here to stay
favorite movie: i don't recall having a number one favourite, i have about 20 haha


what do you want to be when you're older: a scientist or architect
do you have any jobs right now: not currently


band or choir: band
day or night: day...?
shorts or pants: shorts
heels or runners: runners
indoor or outside: depends!
book or movie: movie

i tag: @www-purrtydino-org @pxre @nadine-the-unicorn @nadiasxox @relephant @charms18 @d0ntblink @chanelflowurs @shootingfor-adventures @adal1ne @angela-jiang @tvmblrlivin @theonlynewgirl

hmm, anyway, for the rest of the day, i hung out with a friend and my sisters and brother and her brother. "it" consisted of video games, youtube videos, long walks, dancing, messing around, amusing charades, and talking for a long time outside until it got dark at about 9pm. thank you daylight savings. this is why i love summer. i also got to rock my new doctor who shirt. now i am a public statement

i haven't listened to gorillaz in the longest time. it's been what, five years, maybe? roughly, haha. it's my mum's birthday tomorrow and mine in a few days. my friends are hinting about presents but let's be real, they're not getting me anything. lols. but off that note, i really want to talk about the beauty of february but i will when it actually comes! so look forward to that

have a cool day

comment "melancholy hill" if you read all of this, and go follow elisa! she's the account of the day and she's super rad <3

- jemma

21.1.15 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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Wrote one year ago
i love all your sets, they're amazing! i followed u x

Wrote one year ago
why ur personality even prettier though!!!! <33

Wrote one year ago
@admir-ing i think you mean your sets! haha xx

Wrote one year ago
why ur sets so pretti though???



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