Melanie Charlotte Devine

Name:: Melanie Charlotte Devine
Nickname(s):: Mel, Annie
Age:: S E V E N T E E N
Bio:: Melanie was born on the twenty fifth of April 1996, As she was told she was abandoned as a baby and left on the door step of a wretched young enough lady she was a beautiful little child who spent most of her days running through fields, Jumping fences and being a bit snaky. Her foster parent later realized she wasnt ment to be a mother so she went in and but Melanie into care later on in Melanie's life she found herself living with this terrible yet beautiful woman who trained her well but never gave her freedom but that was the one thing Melanie wanted, FREEDOM. She never got that but then her and her friend Lilith found a book...
Personality::Melanie has a very different personality she is bold, Strong, Yet Melanie could fool you she is your typical normal Brunette girl who wouldnt harm anyone but once you bother her she hurts you and you wont live to see what would happen next! Also Melanie is very strong because of her pass she has gained more and would never loose a single battle, She is always ready for a fight!!!
Mother // Unknown..
Father // Unknown..
Secret:: Kept far away never found herself in a warm bed with a warm fire no one left to save her..
Other:: None
Favourite Film:: Monster in Law
Favourite Character in that film::Jenifer Lopez!

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