~Jared Howe, The Host by Stephenie Meyer, pg. 432 (oh my gosh when I read this scene I like died)// I also included the super amazing song from the trailer which I already loved before and only gives me more feels now, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

LOVELY SWEATER FROM @chicwish http://chicwish.com

SO. I finished The Host last week and haven't had time to really make a set I liked until now. So here is my fangirl set. I will try not to fangirl too much, but as you can see (for those of you who have read the books) I am Team Jared/Jelanie. I love love Ian as well and he's so sweet, but Jared caught my heart first, and I'm also so very happy that Max Irons was cast to play him oh my gosh. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE IT NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW! The trailer is fantastic (though the Seekers are supposed to wear all black and even though I like Diane Kruger, she could've died her hair dark too) and if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRKjf8b4f2E

I AM REALLY OBSESSED LIKE THE BOOK WAS INSANELY GOOD MUCH BETTER THAN I EXPECTED because Twilight was really good when I first read and became obsessed with it, but when I reread it wasn't as good as I thought it was... BUT NO THE HOST IS SO DIFFERENT FROM TWILIGHT AND IT'S AMAZING AND PLEASE READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. It's so good and it's not a love triangle at all if you'd just read it you'd understand. It's so good I can't even. And I think the cast is really good, Max and Jake are great (even if Ian is supposed to have dark hair) and Saoirse is amazing in any role; she's going to make a perfect Melanie/Wanda. GAH I AM SO PUMPED I just had to make a Jelanie set and I have another set in my drafts that has some behind-the-scenes cutesy photos of Saoirse, Max, and Jake :) they're so adorable. 

Well I would fangirl some more but I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who haven't read it, plus if I tried to fangirl more I may just not make any sense which is the likeliest case so I'll stop for now but please PM me if you want to talk about it because I'm so obsessed <333 

BTW I'm gonna do that cool new little tag that several of you have tagged me in either tomorrow or Saturday so keep a lookout! :)

YAY THE HOSTTTTTTTT YAY TEAM JARED who apparently is the minority side of the fandom and Team Ian is the majority which is weird I'm usually on the majority side (Edward, Peeta, etc). But whatever. Ian is amazing, but Jared is my absolute favorite <3
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