So for my summer read, I have to read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It's about a girl named Melinda Sordino, who is so depressed and won't speak at all, except to her friend, Heather. She has just started High School, and is at first having a terrible time. When she gets to the lunchroom she sees the different groups or teen subcultures, or as she calls them, "Clans." you know like the Jocks, Cheerleaders, Goths, etc. She however is an Outcast. She has lost her old friends, since they're now with their own little "clan."and for some reason they hate her, in fact one of her old friends, Rachel now Rachelle, since she hangs out the foreign teens, mouthed "I hate you." she does make a friend, sort of, with a peppy, spirited girl named Heather, who midway abandons her for a group called the Marthas. Melinda is the total opposite of Heather, she's one of those teens who don't care about anything, thinks the school clubs are stupid, and is basically depressed. Now ur probs wondering why kids hate her, well it happened last year when she busted an end of the summer party by calling the police, due to something terrible that happened to her, i won't get into details. Now everyone hates her for that, and she's too the depressed that she can't speak, her grades are going downhill, and her parents ask her what's wrong? and why she is like this? she hasn't even told them about the party incident. I personally find her as a teen with a broken soul, someone that is shy and depressed, but I believe in the end she'll find a way out of her depressed phase. Well I have finished the book and Melinda Speaks up!
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