Melisa (Mimi) Amanda Carters

♥ full nɑme : Melisa (Mimi) Amanda Carters
ɑge: 21
dɑte of birth : 12/12/92
ɑppearance: Nina Agdal
personality : Mimi is one of THE nicest girls you can meet. She has a handful of good ideas majority of the time but she never is quite able to carry them. Mimi loves to drinking, have a good time and simply laugh with her friends. She's the type to sit down and just cry her eyes out over a guy she likes.
biography: Mimi was born into a mixed Latino family with her fathers side being white and mother being Latino. Because her mother was an illegal immigrant, she was sent back to Mexico however Mimi was born on American soil which allowed her to live and stay with her father. When Mimi was 10 her mother applied to become an official citizen of the United States however she was denied citizenship. After being denied citizenship she crossed the border again illegally and married her father gaining citizenship that way. Mimi mainly speaks English and has Spanish as a secondary language. She's finished college early, earning her degree in medicine and now wants to open up her own firm, but doesn't have the money to do so.
relationship stαtus: Single
secret : She's never had a boyfriend and is a virgin.
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