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polyvore keeps saying my set is violating the rules so don't be surprised if my set doubles up or the description is messed up lol

this may seem weird but i really love to dream. like not dream and have aspirations and stuff like that, i actually mean literally dreaming while i'm sleeping. so much cool stuff always happens, my friends are often in them (i've even dreamt about some of you guys lol that's creepy), celebrities as well (but seriously whenever i meet a celebrity in my dreams, there is always a catch. i NEVER have my phone or anything to take a picture with them. it's so disappointing ugh then i wake up really sad). but yeah dreams are so fun and it's so sad when they end :-( it's a cliffhanger that you'll never see the end of. i have a dream journal and it's suuuuper long now haha

i just realised whilst watching dan and phil's latest video and i realised that i'm a lot like dan. ahah i mean the way he talks. sarcastic and always feeling "seriously what are you doing i can't even ok no stop please don't" <--- me in a nutshell. and when phil says something stupid and dan just stares at him in disappointment haha. so if you have ever thought about what i'm like in real life, i'm basically dan howell. yup.

less people like my sets nowadays :// i have almost 20k and i get less like than i did when i had 5k. a lot of people who used to like my sets are leaving too, and i don't have that many people on my taglist so i may make a new one soon :)

oh, by the way, there is only one more spot left in botcs! it's in pink so hopefully someone auditions for that spot, haha. we'll get started soon, unless you guys want me to open up two more spots on each team? also, if you have a saved spot, please audition soon! the first contest will be up sometime this week

ok bye guys

comment something random if you read all of this lol

- jemma

27.11.14 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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