This is SO cool!!(: My art teacher taught all of us and I was like, DAAMMNN! Haha

-A Canvas or thick paper
-hot glue gun
-hair dryer
-old clothes

O1// First of all, lay newspaper down so you dont get melted crap on the floor. Also make sure you're not wearing good clothes they WILL get stuff on them. I'd suggest old clothes.

O2// Next, take the wrapper thingys off the crayons and hot glue them to your canvas/thick paper. You can put them how ever you like. You can either color code them or just glue them randomly.

O3// Once they're glued down, Starts blow drying them so they melt. NOTE: MELTED CRAYON WAX WILL SPLATTER!!

O4// When the wax goes down the canvas and is dry you can either keep the crayons on it or cut them off. And thats it!(:

Loves, @Yourstruelyxoxo

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