Member Interview: Helleka

Member helleka is a translator from Finland who loves timeless fashions. Read on to find out more about her Finnish style!
Tell us about yourself and what you typically wear every day.
My name is Heidi, I'm in my thirties, and I teach foreign languages and also work as a translator. We don’t have a dress code at work so I can wear pretty much whatever I like. I’m more of a skirt or dress person, which is a bit unusual in a country where most women prefer to wear jeans or pants. I’m not into prints so a typical outfit would be a simple sheath dress, as unusual shoes as I can get away with and nail polish in atypical colours (I prefer blues and greens the most). I go running every evening so I spend a lot of time in sportswear, too.
Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I live in southwestern Finland and at the moment we are still getting the occasional rogue snowstorm so people are still wearing their winter coats and boots. I’ve noticed people wearing brighter colours such as pink and oranges, florals and checked fabrics like gingham lately.
Describe your personal sense of style.
I have a mother and a grandmother who have always been very much into fashion, and I’ve grown up with fashion magazines scattered around the house. So, apart from my quirky shoes and nail polishes, I’m into classic and simple stuff. I have several vintage design pieces that I’ve gotten from my grandmother that I love to wear. I tend to buy investment pieces rather than high street fashion or mass market retailers such as H&M, so I’m not always good at following the latest trends.
What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
I don’t know if I really have a single favorite, but probably wear Max Mara, Armani and Ralph Lauren the most. I like classic pieces I can wear for several years and these brands make a lot of timeless pieces that are worth the investment.
Which celebrity has great style?
I love almost everything that Inès de la Fressange wears. She seems to the epitome of Parisian chic. Also, Jennifer Aniston has great, understated style that lets people focus on her as a person rather than the outfits that she wears. Olivia Palermo seems to get it right more often than wrong.
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you are great!!!

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elegant, classic, chic

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You should see my collection :)
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so happy to be your friendevent just by the internet we know each r so kind and amicable.i love you and your creations so much.
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@helieka Wow your very inpirational to me! keep up the great work.! xx :3

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@helleka - wow! so great to get to know you better! :) Congrats...

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@helleka interesting to read about you!

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It's wonderful to learn more about you @Helleka <3

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Congrats, @helleka Great to know more about you! Keep up the amazing, inspirational work!!

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@helleka So many amazing sets darling... loved knowing you better :)

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congrats @helleka, my dear! I have been admiring your work since I joined this site! You are very talented and inspirational!!!

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congrats to my inspirational person @helleka ...!!keep doing great work my dear!!

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Congrats Heidi!!!!! it was great to know a little bit more about you, you're one of my favorites here and I really really love your style, plus you're such a sweet friend ;D xoxo

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Congratulations on the Member Spotlight. Your sets are impeccable and adore your styling! ❤

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Congrats on the member spotlight! Your sets are always flawless and inspirational! xo

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Oh WOW dear!!! Congratulations on your Member Spotlight! How great it is to learn more about you and the things you love to do :D I'm so happy that you got selected 'cause you are an inspiration to so many of us here on Polyvore!!! ~luv yah ♥

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many congrats dear @helleka i've been waiting to know more about you, i truly enjoyed your interview and i can see that your beautiful sets are a reflection of your personal style, and i can see with all these comments that you're not only a superb set maker but also a beloved polyfriend, @Polyvore would be so different without you, thank you again for all your support since the beginning and your nice comments, love from Chile xx

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Congratulations! Your sets are beautiful!

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Congrats @helleka !!! Wonderful interview!!

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Congrats sweetie!!! Love your fab sets!!! Bravo!xo

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Amazing! Congratulations dear!! Well deserved!
Im such a big fan!!♥♥

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Amazing, I am such a big fan of your sets :)

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Heidi, your sets are all exquisite! I've been a huge admirer of your sets since i first discovered you! You definitely deserve the "spotlight"!!!

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it's ammmazing collection dear Heidi, your name soo beautiful!

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WOW :D Hug congratulations dear, you absolutely deserve it - I ADORE each one of your sets, you're so creative and you've fabulous taste <3 ! It's so interesting and exciting to read your interview - just fantastic! Have a great weekend :))

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Congratulations! This is so deserved, your sets are amazing!

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Congratulation really deserved because your work is amazing and you are amazing...muaaahhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!! This is so deserved, you are a true inspiration to so many! It's so great to get to know a little about you! :)

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Congratulations Helleka!!!! The effort you put in to keep this community connected is truly examplary!!!

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Congrats!! We love you & your style is flawless!!

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Heidi your style is timeless, and amazing. Congratulations on the member spotlight. Its so great to learn about you a little more. Also I want to thank you for your continuous support and your inspiration. Congratulations again and keep rocking your amazing style.

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Thank you everyone for reading the interview and commenting, this is really sweet of you! :)

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Beautiful sets! Congrats on getting member spotlight! You deserve it very much! Also, thanks for being my first follower and set liker :) Congratulations again! Marvelous job! @helleka

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Congratulations @helleka, you completely deserve it! It's great to learn more about you :)

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