Member Spotlight: Bittersweet89

Tell us about yourself.
Hello, my name is Thuong, I’m 23 years old, and I am in my final year at university studying fashion design with textiles. I am currently working towards a final collection for the end of the year.
Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I live in Greater London, so it’s just outside of the city and not too far away from Central. The style here is very diverse. On the streets, you’ll see people wearing different looks, which is inspiring to see. A trend that I think is big is the sportswear look, such as the redesign of varsity jackets in denim fabrics or in floral prints, and trainers with skinny jeans. I’m seeing a lot of dyed denim with studded embellishments in stores, people wearing plaid coats and the creeper shoes trend.
What is your favorite brand/designer?
I love Acne and rag & bone for their leather jackets, shirts, jumpers and ankle boots. I absolutely adore Anna Sui! I love the mixture of vibrant prints and colours in her designs, which is very ‘60s and art deco. I’ve always been a fan of Burberry for their trench coats and I love their recent owl print designs. For high street brands, I love Topshop because their clothes are very on-trend and edgy. I just want everything when I walk into Topshop!
Which celebrity has great style?
I’ve always loved Alexa Chung’s cute, effortless style, but at the moment I really like Cara Delevingne’s style! She pulls the funniest expressions in front of the camera and seems to have a fun and quirky personality. I just love her laid-back tomboy style with her leather jacket, simple rock T-shirts, cool biker boots and her beanie hat! One minute she’s walking down the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret and the next minute she’s looking elegant and sophisticated in the Burberry show. I think she’s got a pretty versatile look about her. I really like Kaya Scodelario and Kristen Stewart’s androgynous style. Frida Gustavsson is another model who has great style!
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My only goal at the moment is to finish my degree and hopefully to gain a good grade at the end of it. It’s been a really challenging and tough journey and now I will be finally seeing the end. A future aspiration of mine is to work in the fashion industry, either in designing print, in sampling knitwear or in a trend-forecasting agency and to be happy in whatever I’m doing.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
Being on Polyvore has enhanced my interest in different trends and styles. It allows me to become creative when creating a set, especially with setting the themes and the layout. It helps to give an idea of how to put an outfit together. I have found out about designers that I wouldn’t have known of if it weren’t for this website and it was because of Polyvore that I realised how much I really like the minimalist trend. It’s how I got into tumblr and blogging too. I’m really glad I randomly come across Polyvore whilst I read a fanfiction. It’s a really nice community to be part of because everyone’s really lovely and supportive, and they leave the loveliest comments. It’s great meeting and learning about other members from all over the world, seeing what they’re inspired by through their sets and forming new friendships along the way.
How would you describe your set style?
My set style varies, depending on the pictures that I am inspired by or what mood I want to create, but I would say it’s quite preppy and a little edgy. I always like to combine a shirt with a pair of boots. I am always inspired by what I see on the streets and I like to make sets of their outfits. Rock ‘n roll style outfits are my favourite types of sets to make, but I sometimes like to create vintage, preppy and soft pastel ones, too. Books and music inspire me and I like to write about them under my sets.
Describe your personal sense of style.
I dress in a very casual and minimalist way, but I think I do dress pretty plainly! I wear a lot of neutral and dark-coloured clothes. I’m always wearing skinny jeans and ankle boots – it is like my trademark outfit, along with a jumper/shirt and military coat. I carry a lot of those simple canvas totes bags.
Got any requests for the Polyvore team?
I really like the Polyvore iPhone app! It makes creating a set even more fun! But I wish that I could include colour blocks and be able to search through items by name. I think being able to preview sets before publishing them would be great.


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Amazing! Congrats!

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E X T R A Congrats on your Member Spotlight interview. It is so awesome
getting to know better!!!!!

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big congrats, love reading more about you and i'm such a fan!!! well done! @bittersweet89

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@bittersweet89 Cool interview, loved to read it! Your sets are amazing and I think your inspiration from books and music is great! (Perks! <3) xo

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Congrats dear!! I love your interview, and you look so pretty. :)

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Congrats dear! That is amazing!!

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Hooray!!!! Congratulations! You are AWESOME!

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Thank you again @polyvore :) I feel very honoured to be interviewed by you :)

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@bittersweet98 i love your style

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@bittersweet98 you are amazing

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@bittersweet98 you're my new fashion hero, your sense of style is amazing and your interview is really nice. I always love your sets, you're amazing <3<3

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you're so cute! adore your style my dear @bittersweet89

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@bittersweet89 love your interview, your sense of style, and you are so cuuuute!!!!!!! Congrats, love...Ka ♥♥

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@bittersweet89 Congratulations dear, you deserve it!! :D

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@bittersweet89 That's so cool! You totally deserve this, you're so talented! Your sets always amaze me! Much love♥♥ -A.

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@bittersweet89 Love your interview!! It s nice to know more about you.


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