Member Spotlight: Fashiontake-Out

Meet member @fashiontake-out from Monroe, WA. Read on to find out her favorite designer!
Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share.
Hi, my name is Linda J. Baldridge. I'm a 52-year-old woman with a mind like a young adult. I believe that one feels old only if she lets herself. I'm 52 years old, going on 25 years young!
I'm a fashion blogger from Washington state ( and a designer of handcrafted jewelry. I love putting my passion for art and fashion into something worth seeing or wanting.
Life is about making the best of it: making every moment count, sharing smiles and making new friends like I have here on Polyvore. Both Polyvore members and Polyvore as a company have been so great and supportive about my mission to share my creativity.
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
I love art, but I love fashion even more! As a child, I would draw designs, cut them out and sew Barbie designer clothing. I then went on to designing my children's clothes, but I have never gone beyond that. I would love to use Polyvore as a platform to launch my creative designs and artistic endeavors. And build from there.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
All my life, I have wanted to combine my artistic creativity and my love for fashion. Between Polyvore and my fashion blog, I have achieved this goal. I want to continue my efforts and, one day, launch my own line of clothing or jewelry. Remember, you’re never too old to accomplish a much-desired dream or goal. One should never give up on something she is passionate about!
Where do you get your inspiration to create a set?
I am inspired by many sources. I go online and check out new styles, read and find editorials, but mostly, it comes from my passion for fashion and my passion for art. Basically, fashion is an art form: creative minds bringing ideas to fabric and stitching art in the form of a clothing piece or accessory. I just love it!
Does your username have any special meaning?
My username "fashiontake-out" does have special meaning. Here is how I came up with the name: one day, I was looking online for take-out food. It occurred to me that I love to “serve” fashion everyday by giving my ideas of how to dress for the day. So I was inspired to create and form Fashion Take-Out, a blog that serves fashion. My motto: "Get Your Daily Take-Out of Fashion, the Latest Celebrity Trends, High Street Styles, 1 Entree @ a Time.”
Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I live in a town near Seattle, WA. The trends I see when walking in downtown Seattle are a mix of the high style I love with a splash of street style. The people of Seattle are very charismatic and a unique blend of characters.
Describe your personal sense of style.
When I'm out and about in my little town of Monroe, it’s street style: a pair of leggings, a pair of ankle boots, a crop top and a denim jacket. If I go into Seattle, I go a little high style. Maybe a pencil skirt with a tailored blouse and a pair of high heels, or a bodycon dress with a fitted, cropped blazer. It depends on where I am going for the day.
What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?
At the moment, one of my favorite brands is Tory Burch. I like the fact that the brand is very versatile in its clothing line. I can create high style one day, if I am going into Seattle to hang out with friends or family, and on another day I can find something perfect for running errands in town. Tory Burch carries clothing that suits different styles, inspirations and characters. I love it.


Wrote two years ago
Fantastic! So glad your were featured! Congratulations!

Wrote three years ago
Congrats in the spotlight! I love how you came up with your name...heading over to your blog right now (^_^)

Wrote three years ago
So awesome! #awesome

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations on the spotlight. Would love to meet you....I'm not far away.
I live in Gig Harbor. Please contact me. My best on your artistic and creative

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations on the spotlight!!

Wrote three years ago
so nice to meet you!! congrats and good luck in everything!!

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Yay. Congrats ♡ great interview

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Amazing interview, congrats!!:))

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Congrats dear!

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congrats dear @fashiontake-out ♥♥♥

Wrote three years ago
Loved reading your member spotlight dear @fashiontake-out I agree with following your dreams no matter how old or young one is. I It's also nice learning you love to sew clothes for designer barbie dolls. I have dozens of designer barbie including that Grace Kelly rear window doll that is featured on your set. I wish though that I can sew clothes for them like you. You are very talented I love fashion but i can never sew.


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