Member Spotlight: Iloveyoudd

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Sheila. I am just one of thousands of girls from London who are students and enjoy fashion. I would describe my style as full of color and fun. I am obsessed with studs so I can't go out without wearing a studded leather jacket and, of course, a statement necklace! With this style, I am ready to hit the streets.
Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I'm from London, England. I see different styles on the streets all the time. It's so interesting, seeing people expressing themselves in many different ways. I keep seeing people wearing famous brands like Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and others. When it's winter, people wear ankle booties and, of course, [carry] umbrellas. But when it's summer, they wear miniskirts and shorts in light, soft colours.
What is your favorite brand/designer?
When I was younger, I used to change my mind every day. Now my favourite designer is Burberry. I can get a hit of "it girl" with preppy duffle coats, skinny jeans and luxe knitwear. Also, it's a brand with ultra-feminine dresses. With all this, who can not love Burberry!? Another designer I am in love with is Chloé. This brand symbolizes cool, Parisian sophistication. Expect free-spirited takes on refined classics and ready-to-wear alternatives to haute couture. It's definitely a brand that will last forever!
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
To have fun and be happy! Life is too short to worry about stupid things, so I always laugh loudly, forgive quickly, believe slowly and love truly. I never avoid anything that makes me smile! I try to focus on good thoughts in life because that's how good things will happen! We should think positive, do positive and, most importantly, be positive.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
Let me tell you a story. I joined Polyvore two years ago. Before that, I can honestly say I had no idea what the word "fashion" meant. People were bullying me about my clothes, how I paired them and how I didn't know how to wear [clothes with] any style. Today, all those people bullying me are in the past. They now admire me, my style and my clothes. Polyvore has changed my life. I’ve learned so much, and I will never know how to say "thank you" to the wonderful team at Polyvore for allowing me to express my style.
Describe your personal sense of style.
My style depends on my mood. I would describe my style as chic and stylish with a touch of elegance. I think that's really fun. I love to wear peplums. Also, I love maxi skirts, Louboutin shoes, printed shirts, brogues and studded boots.
What is the first thing you do when you sign on?
I don’t sign out at all! I use each second of my free time to check my activities, see other members' sets and also make new sets! When I am feeling bad, Polyvore makes my day brighter!
Got any requests for the Polyvore team?
I just wanted to say a massive “thank you" for inspiring people across the globe! For letting our creativity burst forward and for giving us an opportunity to express our style through sets and collections! Creating a Polyvore account was the best decision I've ever made in my life. I don't regret a [single] second spent here. Once again, thank you!
Anything else you would like us to know?
Well I'd like to dedicate a couple of words to my Polyfriends: I will never know how to thank you for believing in me and in my creations. I really appreciate each like, comment and follow. You never fail to make me smile. You know when you give a candy to a three-year-old kid? That's how I feel now. Happy and full of life! It's because of you. Sometimes I sit on Polyvore for hours and read your comments on my sets. I never get bored of your opinions. They mean a lot to me. Each one of you that commented, liked or followed me has a special place in my heart. We are all the same here, but [at the same time], we are different. We are the same because we are chasing fashion, art and design, but we are different because no one has the same source of inspiration and creativity!


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Wrote two years ago
Very wonderful dear!!!! YAY!!!! Great job!!!! xo

Wrote two years ago
What a fab interview, dear! Great reading about you! I am so happy you found Polyvore and get to share your fabulous creations with us all <3

Wrote two years ago
Great interview sweetie, it's nice to find out more about you! Congrats :DD ♥

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@iloveyoudd - So nice to know more about you :))) Love your aspirations and goals and how thinking positively will only bring you good things :))))

Wrote three years ago
Eu amei suas coleções, você é bem criativa e espiradora. Espero que quando tiver sua idade possa ser como você!

Wrote three years ago
wow darling @iloveyoudd!! really congrats for this wonderful fashion collection

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Congrats @iloveyoudd Its nice to knowing a little more about you! And you have a superb sets which is i adore. Once again congrats on member spotlight! :)

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I really enjoyed reading ur work very much insipired I'm a Fashion freak myself I live in Birmingham I always wanted to study fashion but never had the guts to do so I thought its a very hard and challengeing course but if I had a chance I'd leave everything and go into studying fashion but I think it's to late to start that's why I just like To read and see what other pEople have done my dream would be to work within the fasHion industry oh we'll at least I can i can enjoy watching very talented people like urself

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Congrats sweetie, great interview! :)

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WOW thank you all so much for your wonderful comments !! You never fail to make me smile. This day shines brighter !!

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@iloveyoudd great interview, dear!!! love to know more about you!!!!

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How cool @iloveyoudd!! Wonderful interview!!

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congrats @iloveyoudd !!!!!!!!!! great knowing more about you!!! I love burberry, too! every collection is perfection!

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@iloveyoudd very engaging interview! happy to see this! congrats

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Congrats @iloveyoudd on being the featured Poly member!! It's such a pleasure to learn more about who you are.

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amazing sweetie, i am so happy for you, many greetings :****

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this is soo fantastic!!

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CONGRATS on Member Spotlight !!!!!!!!!!!! So great to read about you !!!

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Wonderful Interview sweetie!! Congrats on this and all your success on Polyvore!!:)) xoxo

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Fabulous picks!!! Congrats on feature!!

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@Iloveyoudd Great interview, I love your sets. It's people like you who make the Polyvore community a better place xx

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Beautiful words! And as everyone else said it really is nice to know more about you!!!<333
Gongrats!!! : D

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@iloveyoudd what a great interview so nice to know a little more about you and Congrats to yo!

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great to know you a bit more now my dear and congrats :) xx

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Fabulous Sheila aka @iloveyoudd Great interview!!

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awesome!!!so glad i got to know you a lil bit more :)

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congrats my sweet friend.. love to read your story!

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So nice to get to know you a bit more - always admire your sets and style!! xox

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Congrats my dear friend!!!

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!! It's awesome to find @iloveyoudd here!!!!!!! Great interview!!!!!!!!

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congrats!! so well deserved! xoxo

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Congratulations sweetie, you deserve it :))

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Couldn't be more deserving ~ you are a ray of sunshine sweet friend!! So happy to know more about you!! Hugs and Congrats ~ @iloveyoudd ♥♥♥

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Congrats :^)

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Congrats to you lovely friend @iloveyoudd

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Such a great interview!! Congrats my dear!! ♥

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Congratulations!!!! It was so lovely reading about you!! Keep on doing what you do best!! :)

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Congrats!! Wonderful spotlight I love your style

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Congrats sweetie!!!!

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congrats honey !!!! Amazing interview !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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congrats sweetie! fantastic interview!

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nice to see you in the spotlight!!!!congrats!!!

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Congrats! Your sets are AMAZING! ♥

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O award well deserved! Congratulations my amazing, awesome, stunning friend.

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Amazing interview @iloveyoudd !!! ♥ I loved reading it!!
And I really totally totally love your work here!!!
You are one of the best fashion set makers here and big inspiration!!! ♥


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