Member Spotlight: Lali22

Meet member @lali22, a Latin American graphic designer and stylist. A self-professed fashion addict, she has great tips on how to get involved on Polyvore. Read on to find out what her 10 wardrobe building blocks are!
Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share.
Hello, my name is Hellen. I'm 23 years old, Latin, a graphic designer and a stylist. I love fashion; I think it is a lifestyle. I like to travel, especially during Fashion Week. I delight in these great shows designers offer, and love strolling through streets steeped in style. I also like history, collecting magazines, photographs and Sunday movies with family or my boyfriend. Thank you for this interview! I am proud to be recognized for my work on Polyvore and am happy that more people can know a little more about me.
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My goal is to grow professionally in fashion and to be able to do what I love for all of my life. I think it's the best profession because you can help people feel better about themselves and express your style. Also, it’s fun to work with designers and different brands that dictate trends today. That said, nothing would make me happier than to work at a fashion magazine as a fashion editor.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
It helped me to have a more global vision of fashion trends that I can implement in my work. As a lover of this art form, I always like to be, in one way or another, connected with the portals in which it develops. Polyvore is also a big window in which to show your talent.
How did you find Polyvore?
As a stylist, I am always looking on the internet for tools to help me achieve my job goals. In Polyvore, I have found the perfect tool to keep in touch with people and trends.
How would you describe your set style?
The style is that of a magazine where, through each set, I tell a different story. I create an outfit according to my own standards, tastes and affinities, and share it with the whole community of Polyvore; I’m always changing to refresh my style.
Where do you get your inspiration to create a set?
I am inspired by fashion magazines and I want each set to communicate my vision. Recently, I opted for some changes and have introduced a more minimalist version of sets. I also make some set types that Polyvore presents, like the now famous “Get the Look,” “Who Wore It Better,” etc. My goal is always to innovate with the presentations of my sets and to delight my followers and myself.
What are some Polyvore tips you would like to share with the Polyvore community?
Be true to your style, do not copy other users. Give daily reviews if you can. Be aware of your followers and encourage them to improve every day; create groups where you can share your creations and views, check your messages and always be in contact with the community to keep updated on Polyvore trends and items.
Does your username have any special meaning?
It is a nickname that my family gave me when I was small.
Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I live in Latin America. Maybe in recent years, we have made ​​some progress. Perhaps it is also because Fashion Week started a few years ago. This event is held in the capital, so from time to time I travel there and enjoy fashion. Here, too, we are living with a blogger boom. That’s something that globalization has transmitted; all can access recognizable fashion through various platforms.
Describe your personal sense of style.
My personal style is to choose everything while always taking into account the shape of my body, which I try to highlight with clothes. I love risks and mixing trends, textures, shapes, patterns and colors, but in a balanced and chic way. Vintage styles, retro, classic, grunge, sporty, modern, edgy, minimal, futuristic and so on — all contribute and reaffirm my vision of fashion. As I said before, I am a fashion addict!
My top 10 basics are: a white blouse, a pencil skirt, a dress for day, one for night, stilettos, a blazer, a trench, a boyfriend jean, pants and a top.
What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?
I think it's a very difficult question; as an undisputed fashion lover, I think every designer shows incredible pieces each season. Each collection should be valued not only for the brand, but for the work done behind each, and its art and concepts. Whether a very recognized name brand or a new designer, they all bring something that you will value in time, and that is priceless.
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