Member Spotlight: Marchello

Meet member @marchello, a chemistry student from Greece. Read on to find out his career goals (hint: it's in fashion) and favorite designer!
Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share.
Hello! My name is Konstantinos Xristopoulos, and I am from Tripolis, Greece. I am 17 years old and studying chemistry in Patras, Greece. When I will finish my studies, I was thinking I’d go to fashion school in Athens to make my dream come true -- if I have the talent.
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My personal goals are to work at a fashion magazine and become a fashion editor and photographer. Generally, to be in the fashion world.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
Polyvore has been very influential. It helped me improve day by day, and to create an actual album, a portfolio with all my ideas and my creations.
How did you find Polyvore?
I heard about Polyvore on TV on a show about technology. The general theme [of the TV show] was technology and the fashion industry. I heard that I could make sets and publish them. That really impressed me, and I said, why don't I try?
How would you describe your set style?
I would describe them as innovative and expressive. They are each very different and all have a story to tell. Some of them are very romantic and chic, and some are rough and hardcore.
Where do you get your inspiration to create a set?
I haven't any special creative sources. I think that all of my ideas are in my mind, my life, my pictures ... anything I see, it's creative inspiration for me.
What are some Polyvore tips you would like to share with the Polyvore Community?
Here are some of my tips:
1) To get more followers, join in more groups. In this way, your sets will be viewed by more people and your efforts will be appreciated more.
2) To add fantasy and innovation to your sets, you should be experienced in runway shows. You have to watch daily fashion news and follow the trend reports.
3) Items' organization is important. Organizing your items will enable you to find them easily. You will know which item is where at all times.
Does your username have any special meaning?
My username is marchello. It hasn't any special meaning for me. I like the name and I thought, use it.
P.S. My real name is often difficult to pronounce and was too long.
Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I'm living in Patras because of my studies. Here, the big trends are denim, stripes and soft prints. Some ladies are very chic, and others wear leather and ankle booties, more street style. Of course most young people prefer to be more hipster.
Describe your personal sense of style.
My personal style is more street and dark. I like to wear sweaters with denim and brogues, but I like to wear shirts, pants and sneakers, too. I don't experiment on myself. I am not so brave.
What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?
My favourite designer was Alexander McQueen. He was so talented and very brave about his creations.
I like Chanel, too, and the beautiful runway art of Karl Lagerfeld.
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Wrote 7 months ago
σας ευχαριστω πολυ για τα ομορφα λογια σας...με κανετε να αισθανομαι πολυ ομορφα και να προσπαθω περισσοτερο να ειστε καλα! @iolitte

Wrote 7 months ago
Congrats!!! @marchello
Συγχαρητήρια!!! Σου εύχομαι την καλύτερη τύχη στο κυνήγι των ονείρων σου!

Wrote 7 months ago
thank you so much @fatal-poison-4-u @ruska-10

Wrote 7 months ago
congrats :) you deserve it really talanted <3

Wrote 7 months ago
looooove your sense of style,... beautiful,...

Wrote 7 months ago

Wrote 7 months ago
congrats @marchello, good to know a little more about you, can't believe you're so young and talented!

Wrote 7 months ago
thank's a lot @k-hearts-a

Wrote 7 months ago
Congrats @marchello !!!! Great interview and good luck on your future!!!! Great job @polyvore !!!! xo

Wrote 7 months ago
thank you so much @antemore-765

Wrote 7 months ago
Congratulations @marchello!I love your sets they are absolutely amazing!!!I wish all the best in your life,make your wishes come true.God bless you! :)

Wrote 7 months ago
i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote 7 months ago
@marchello congrats to you for such an outstanding interview, especially of someone of 17 years of age.
You will go far, because you understand the concept of expression, and the concept to be found in the huge world of fashion and the Internet.
I enjoyed your interview tremendously ,
and I am so proud of Polyvore to have selected you to be interviewed,
best wishes,

Wrote 7 months ago
@marchello you actually have a very awesome name in real life!!! Lol I enjoyed your brief and straight to the point interview btw your sets are so artistic an unique! Congrats :)

Wrote 7 months ago
Oh well, that's amazing x

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Wrote 7 months ago
Check out some if my sets? You won't be disappointed! I have a goal of 50 followers but I have a feeling that goal is going to get bigger and bigger! I used to have over 100 followers but I got locked out of my account. It would mean a lot to me if you'd check out my sets cause I know you'll love them! Thanks!

Wrote 7 months ago
Πολλά συγχαρητήρια! So happy for you!!!!!

Wrote 7 months ago
Congrats @marchello! Your sets are fabulous! :)

Wrote 7 months ago
@By polyvore how do u make collections?

Wrote 7 months ago