Member Spotlight: Questing-Witch

Sampling of her sets - Enjoy!


Wrote one month ago
@deborajchambers please stop spamming people's set comments with ads

Wrote one month ago
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Wrote one month ago

Wrote one month ago
I can't....😭

Wrote one month ago
I know

Wrote one month ago
@aycann Wishing you good luck. I wish I could explain in Persian, but I cannot.

Wrote one month ago
Fiona...I'm Iranian I have to read you're post with Persian dic

Wrote one month ago
@aycann Okay, you don't start from your page. You start on an item you want to collect. Then, there should be a button on the right of the image that says <3 (like), 'Create', or 'Collect'. Click Collect.
It will ask if you want to add it to a collection you already have, or if you want to make a new collection. You can choose a collection name you already have from the dropdown field OR if you are making a new collection, click the hyperlinked sentence under the name field that says 'Create a new collection'.
Then you have to give your collection a name. Type that in the "Collection Title' field. You aren't required to put anything in the other two fields.
You can save it as a draft or publish the collection by choosing whichever button you want. You can continue to add items to the collection you made, but it has to be published again anytime you add more things, if you want others to see everything.

Wrote one month ago

Wrote one month ago
Ok ok ...I can't make a collection

Wrote one month ago can I question ?

Wrote one month ago
@aycann This is from the Polyvore Help:
If you have more questions, feel free to ask and I'll help if I can.

Wrote one month ago
Please teach me

Wrote one month ago
How you can make collection ?


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