Member Spotlight: Saphiboutik

Meet @saphiboutik, a French member who excels at minimalist interior sets. Learn more about her aesthetic and style icons!
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Christine, I'm 43 and I have three children. I'm a stay-at-home mom with a serious fondness for the arts, drawing, painting, writing and design. I live in the south of France in a charming little town called Vidauban. My children are grown so I have time for my favorite activities. At home I'm in charge of renovating, painting and decorating rooms. I love creating my own frames and painting, sometimes even my own furniture.
Where do you get your interior design inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my education, family and European culture. My mother is a true Parisian and my father is a French national born in a North African colony.
What are you favorite design trends?
I have very eclectic taste, but I have a preference for modern. When I enter a simple and clean room, the impression that I can breathe deeply because there's nothing to obstruct the view is pleasing.
What’s your creative process on Polyvore?
An object, painting or a piece of furniture will speak to me, and the rest comes naturally. I have no training in interior design and I completely trust my instinct. I love to mix colors and I do my best to find the right balance.
Are there any interior design professionals you are a fan of?
Philippe Starck, of course — one of the great French designers. I also love the work of the Sismo, particularly their fabulous bookcase bed. My dream is to install an Arne Jacobsen chair in my living room!
What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My first goal was to raise my children so they can leave the nest and have confidence in their futures (I’m almost done!). Now I can devote myself to what I like: art, design, creating things and writing (poems). I'd love to find a job in design, art or culture.
How has Polyvore affected your life?
For the first time in my life I can say that I am an addict! I have this big project to build my own association of P.A., or Polyvorians Anonymous.
What is your favorite Polyvore feature?
Polyvore is an awesome playground for creative people! Even if I do more interior design, it's still pleasant for me to create fashion and art collages. I really appreciate that I can easily clip objects or beautiful clothes that I find on the web.
Got any requests for the Polyvore team?
No requests at this time, but a big THANK YOU for all the energy and conviviality that you're [generating] on your website.


Wrote three years ago
So good to meet you ,I am always an admirer of your sets..congrats on and I have a lot in common Christine..we should chat .all the best Shelley

Wrote three years ago
congrats on your feature! @saphiboutik whoop to you!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you @fatal-poison-4-u and @deuxs! You're so sweet! Answer to this interview was hard because of my English, but it was a real pleasure.

Wrote three years ago
Congrats @saphiboutik! Loved reading about you!

Wrote three years ago
loved hearing about you,.... and l love your sense of style,...

Wrote three years ago
Thank you @lara-medic, @g-iulias, @momyrazzi, @emc1397, @lindacaricofe for your congrats and sweet comments!
Merci @niwi, j'en reviens toujours pas!

Wrote three years ago
@saphiboutik Félicitations pour ce spotlight ;))

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations to you for the Member Spotlight.
I enjoyed reading about you and look forward to enjoying your sets, best wishes, Linda

Wrote three years ago
Congrats fellow Polyvore addict :D It was nice reading about you ❤

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations! ;)

Wrote three years ago
such a lovely mum!!! :-)) congrats!!

Wrote three years ago
When Polyvore asked me to answer to the interview, I was so surprised that I was speechless! My husband was very happy!!!! ;-)
Thank you @luv2create4u and @stampontheground2! Thanks to all my polyfriends for their likes and comments!
And THANK YOU @polyvore ! Your fashion website is essential and you do a great job. I'm proud to be part of this community!

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations :)

Wrote three years ago
Congratulations dear!!! Awesome...xoxo


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