they fired at me from a gun ♥

this song is so great and inspiration and aaah.
"swim" is my mantra ♥

Battle of the Insomniatic Travelers.
~Japanese-themed art set.
~~~Japanese temples have a lot of these arches.
~translate favorite saying to Japanese.
~~~rough translation: "swim. don't sink."
~~~sorry if the translation is wrong!
~set based on it.
~~~I always see this arch in pictures of like, the atomic bombings in Japan and how the arch is still standing. It's been through a lot, but it stays standing through it all, which is the message of this quote: keep going.
~extra credit: write a story about your "experience" in Japan.
~~~I'll hopefully do that tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

So, exams this week, yummm.
I just had my honors english exam today, and I got to come home at 10 :D
I feel pretty good about the english exam, but tomorrow is biology, which will surely kick my as.s.
Then it's just religion and world history on Thursday and I'm dooooooone! :D
I think I'm going to go to school on Friday anyway, since it's the last day, and I want to see my friends and stuff.

I'm working on a drawn art set (: It's really great. It's red and orange. I don't know what to draw as the main picture, though :p
It's kind of like this one: but different layout and colors. I'm really loving it.

Erm, can I just say that Percy Jackson is the best demigod ever? He's amazing and gorgeous and hilarious. I seriously think we were destined to be together. Aaaaah *dreamy sigh*
Me and my friend are having a Logan Lerman moment. He's SO FREAKING HOT. His sea-green eyes and messy dark hair and little smirk...
Just... see for yourself: THE EYES. the general amazingness, ugh.
just, scroll through that for me.
you can't tell me that you didn't swoon at least 20 times during that experience.
lkahjrpgiohrlgoh he gets me every time. ♥ ♥ ♥

Ok, I seriously will probably start writing more once summer starts! I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo over the summer, so hopefully that'll encourage me.
But no promises, really.
Inspiration has to hit first, and who knows when that will happen??

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