memories of mum

Things that remind me of my Mum. How I miss the person she was.


Wrote three years ago
Thank you for opening your heart and talking about it so painful moment of your life. I know this disease. You have expressed very well what happens to those who (person involved and family) is facing this illness. In your words, I feel the bewilderment that affects those who live in this situation. I am very sorry for you and I am close to you. Be strong.

Wrote three years ago
Thank you @neurone & @kateolive . My Mum has dementia, and I have recently had to put her into care. It has been a truly hideous time. Very strange taking on someone else's life affairs. The roles have reversed and the daughter is now the one who does the mothering role. It is strange, the things I am doing, it is like Mum has died, but she has not. Grief and grieving happen in many forms. A truly wonderful mother, whos' family were everything to her. It is a long road yet, and one that will have many twists and turns and each showing a new side of the woman who once was, but will always be, Mum. xx

Wrote three years ago
My dear, this collection so tender and full of meaning, it also speaks of your great heart, and this is the legacy of her that will forever live in you. You hug very strong. If you want me to write in private, my heart is listening.

Wrote three years ago
What a wonderful woman she must have been that so many beautiful things remind you of her!


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