Memory Tree

Memory Tree
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Would you like to create some memories of a loved one or pet who has passed away to hang on this special Memory Tree? This is not a gloomy group, but a celebration of people's lives who have moved on. The logo is the tree of life adorned with ribbons and flowers representing memories. So feel free to create and submit sets in memory of a loved one - just add a few words of who it is for, you don't have to mention names if you don't want to, or even a few lines about them. Make the sets happy or sad, but add some good memories for the tree. For those fashionistas among you, how about trying a different type of set - there are so many great images out there.
My hope is that it will be a friendly and supportive group united by loss, love and understanding.
A lot of sets are being posted to the group which are not related to the loss of a loved one or pet, so I am going to approve any submissions first. Please don't take offence if I decline an art set which could be submitted to one of many art groups - I would like this to remain a special place for memories of loved ones. Thank you. Rosie.
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