Men of The King is Dead

woooooo!!!!!! more face changes for many of the men!


Wrote three years ago
@roses-are-roses @suchawasteofayoungheart Argh, just saw this. I would like to use Miles for at least a few stories, but if you're still interested after that he's all yours

Wrote three years ago
ooooo daniel sharman i wanted to use him, yay!

Wrote three years ago
Okay I can do without Miles. :)
Here's this guy instead:
Sir Rhys Whittington-Moore II - Not many people are aware these days, but Rhys and Madeline actually know each other from childhood. Their fathers are old friends and Rhys and Maddie went to school together for a number of years. These days, Rhys and Mads couldn’t be more different, but while they claim to dislike each other, the sexual tension between the two is killing them. [Daniel Sharman]
Thanks again!

Wrote three years ago
@suchawasteofayoungheart miles is kind of connected in delilah's story line, but i dont know if @haute-and-about plans to use him or not

Wrote three years ago
Potential love interests for Maddie;
Jack Gilford - A guy back at St. Andrew’s that Maddie is sort of hooking up with. He’s a jerk (and potentially a bit of a sociopath), but Mads doesn’t seem to realize that. [William Eustace]
Nathan “Nate” Stephens - Nate is both one of Jack’s flatmates and one of Maddie’s classmates. He’s actually the reason that Mads and Jack met. He has a bit of a crush on Maddie but she has no idea and only sees him as a friend. Despite being friends with Jack, Nate is actually a really sweet guy. [Vincent Mank]
And if no one wants Sir Miles Russel of Bedford then could I claim him for Maddie? Otherwise I've got a back up guy.

Wrote three years ago
Lord James Carrington Whiteley: (was in the girl's collection....lydia's brother)
has been secretly engaged to Victoria these past two months. On the surface they have biting witty exchanges and exclaim just how much they hate each other for there match would be looked down on by both of their families (vladmir ibanov)

Wrote three years ago
Seamus O'Keeffe
(Ian Harding)
Seamus is the eldest son of the Taoiseach of Ireland. He's funny, outgoing, kind, and has a killer rugby game. Unfortunately, Seamus doesn't have much time for games anymore. Determined to see his son follow in his footsteps, Seamus' father pushes his son to be the top of his class in law school. Never missing an opportunity, the Taoiseach of Ireland and Prince Charles, Duke of York have noticed Princess Evelyn Ann of York's interest in Seamus and is pushing for the relationship for their own personal gain.

Wrote three years ago
Frédéric [Freddie] Pasquier
Quick Bio: Freddie is Annette's closest confidant when it comes to her protests, political demonstrations, and opinions. He's the leader of the French resistance and often clashes with Annette but they always seem to work it out. After a big blowout, of course.
Model: Eddie Redmayne

Wrote three years ago
@ducktape , @semper-eadem , @hannah-grace , @the-clary-project , @glitterinmyviens , @suchawasteofayoungheart , @alycat , @haute-and-about, @ohofkors, @inglenooks, @high-fashionista if you have any guys you've already started, post bios here. also if you want to claim post here!


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