Hope Summers and Anna Marie "Rogue" Darkholme from Marvel's The X Men. 

Ok so there not really sisters but in my mind they are. Now before you stop reading let me explain my theory of why Marvel should make this happen. 

Reason 1 Rogue didn't grow up with her father and in her solo series it was never noted what happened to him after Rogue's mother "died". And when Hope went in search of her bio mother in Alaska it was never talked about who her bio father is and since rogue went on the mission to find her mother with her it would make seance if Rogue went in search of her father and that led her back to Alaska and ultimately back to the hospital where Hope was born. Oh Ya!! I Just Blew Your Mind!!

Reason 2 Hope and Rogue became very close on Utopia and it is often said that Rogue is as close to a mother as Hope will ever get. Maybe she not a mother figure BUT a cool/wise Big Sister. 

Reason 3 it would make a better story line on why Hope was able to cure rogue and get her out of a coma . Instead of it being "Oh.. She's a very powerful mutant even though she is still an infant and her power doesn't have anything to do with healing others but she can heal rogue cue she's SO POWERFUl ..." It could be that she and Rogue share a bound as sisters that could be so much more powerful than either is alone ( I mean there pretty powerful by them self but imagine what they could do together*). That would also mean that Destiny knew that they were sisters and wrote it in her journals and Mystique had read it and knew also and put Rogue's sister in danger and that could send rogue into a frenzy of course and that would be a great under story line to a book that Rogue and Hope could do together!!! 

Reason 4 most people think Hope is a knock off Rogue since they have very similar powers however it would make since if they were sister.
 So would some other character similarities such as there green eyes, there similar build and hopes costume design is similar to rogues 90's costume in colors , they both where boots and they both have a jacket/shaw. Maybe marvel is hinting at something. 

I don't know I could be wrong but ether way it would be an awesome story line and would revamp to awesome characters who have been taking hits in development for a few years. Rogue can take it, she's been a round a while and is love by fans but Hope is still new even thought she's been around for a few years and some fans really dislike her but if she was tied on to a character like rogue it would help her character grow in the fandom. But let's all face it this would be and awesome story line . I mean at first they could be kind of awkward and rogue can move away due to some (probably gambit related) reason and start doing something new( like work for S.H.I.L.E.D. or for Tony Stark directly or for some old friend who needs her help) and get a solo series but then a couple issues In Hope could have a falling out with Cable for making her stay on utopia [come on its not that unlikely for this to happen I mean he's marking her a war machine ( witch Rogue is heavily ageist ) and worse he's making her Scott and Magneto's war machine( witch rogue broke up with Mags for a very similar reason) and Scott and Mags have been Duchess lately] and Hope could go live with Rogue and then that could have this really cool Gilmore Girls style relationship and things would be awesome. 
(Sorry for the run on sentences this is a topic I have very strong feelings about )

*wicked reference 

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