Men's Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
  • Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne Spray (100ml)
    Inspired by the old town of Havana, its Latin rhythms, smooth cigars, fine rums and exotic beauties, this fragrance bursts into life with the initial top notes of bergamot, lime, peppermint and a hint of rum. Layered with a melange of spicy and floral middle notes, mainly rose, clove and bay, Tonka beans add a subtle softness. The lasting base notes of tobacco mixed with the richness of frankincense, cedar wood and vetiver round off this striking fragrance.
  • D.S. & Durga for J.Crew longshoreman cologne
    This exclusive-to-J.Crew cologne hails from D.S. & Durga, a Brooklyn-based company that creates colognes using small-batch production methods, premium raw materials and inspiration that runs the gamut from herbal medicine tomes to pre-industrial workshops in New England. The result? Distinctive, nuanced scents in bottles too handsome to hide in the medicine cabinet. This fragrance is inspired by the 1930s docks of New York: oiled ropes, seawater and barrels of liquor being loaded off the gangplanks of iron ships. It has top notes of cedar and cardamom, a floral heart of iris and magnolia and base notes of tobacco, pine and pomegranate. 1 3/4 fl oz. USA.
  • CREED Royal Exclusive Pure White Cologne, 1 fl.oz.
    Details As part of the Royal Exclusives collection, Pure White Cologne (formerly known as Original Cologne) evokes men's styles in Victorian England: clean grooming, tailored white shirts and lives made richer by quality goods of impeccable detail. Creed Pure White Cologne wraps the client like a garment stitched to his exact proportions, fitting and superb in every respect, a complement to his innate style and a statement of his high standing. Pure White Cologne has been compared to a burst of English mist, as in the 1844 J.M.W. Turner painting, "Rain, Steam and Speed" -- a fine and clean sensation on the skin like when a train blurs past, sending a gust of cooling moisture onto every pore. Classification: Citrus / Dry Characteristics: A Creed Royal Exclusive, Pure White Cologne is offered in a one-ounce spray or in a hand blown Pochet glass bottle etched with Creed's crest: art object and fragrance in one. Its sculptural cap is removed to reveal a masculine steel spray pump: modern, fast and easy to use. Top Notes: A clean burst of lemon, Sicilian bergamot and Italian grapefruit. Middle Notes: A penetrating rush of galbanum, sweet pear and finest neroli. Base Notes: A gallant base of ambergris, white musk and rice powder. 1 fl.oz./31mL