Menu Multi Carafe 1L
  • Wine Breather design by Menu
    This elegantly designed carafe aerates your wine in one easy step. Simply press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so that the wine pours into the decanter. You can serve the wine from the decanter, or flip it back over once it's done and pour the aerated wine back into the bottle and serve from the original bottle.
  • Riedel Decanter
    The perfect partner for Riedel stemware, this well-priced carafe allows you to aerate wines before serving, enhancing both red and white varietals. Decanting allows older wines achieve full clarity and true color, while young vintages have a chance to open and develop. The lead-crystal carafe is crafted at Riedel's family-owned glassworks in Austria. Hand-wash. 38-oz. cap; 9 1/4" high.
  • Peugeot® Variation Aerator Decanter
    Perfect for young red wines, this beautiful hand-blown glass decanter includes an innovative fluted glass stopper that aerates wine as it is being decanted, while the unique shape of the base allows the decanter to be displayed either upright or tilted. To further aerate the wine, simply swirl the bottle before serving. Suitable for decanting a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Glass. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 9¼" x 9½" Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials. Made in Romania.
  • Monogrammed Decanter
    A memorable addition to any home bar, our monogrammed decanter is a perfect gift for a wine lover. This versatile piece offers an elegant way to aerate wines – a time-honored technique that can enhance both red and white varietals, encouraging them to open and develop their distinctive flavors and aromas. Handcrafted exclusively for Williams-Sonoma, the sparkling lead-free decanter is hand-blown. Each bears a single- or triple-initial monogram whose graceful lettering is hand etched by artisans at an American company that has specialized in monogrammed glassware since 1910. Dishwasher safe. 64-oz. cap., 9 3/4" high.
  • Menu A/S Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe
    Open a bottle of wine, place the Winebreather Deluxe over the bottleneck and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.
  • Wine Breather Deluxe design by Norm Architects for Menu
    Open a bottle of wine, place the Winebreather Deluxe over the bottleneck and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.
  • Menu A/S Multi Carafe
    Designer Jakob Munks elegant decanter is a part of Menus wine accessories series, Vignon. The decanter is versatile, and can be used for both wine and water. With its slender form, it can be placed on refrigerator door shelves, and the tight-fitting solid glass stopper ensures that water does not acquire taste from the refrigerator. The decanter is large enough to use for wine aeration, and the slanted funnel-formed opening makes it easy to pour from wine bottle to decanter.
  • Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set
    To reveal the full flowering of any red wine instantly, introduce maximum oxygen by decanting it through this easy-to-use spiral aerator into the matching glass decanter. The resulting difference in aroma and flavor is impressive. Patented mouthblown, double-walled, 3-phase glass aerator instantly multiplies oxygenation. Phase 1 catches any sediment while introducing oxygen as the wine flows by; phase 2 allows additional exposure to oxygen; phase 3 directs the wine through the spiral, dispersing it into the decanter. Mouthblown glass decanter is specially designed to hold the aerator. Aerator has an integral stainless-steel sediment filter. Includes a stainless-steel stand for holding and storing glass aerator.
  • Menu Jakob Wagner Cool Coat Wine Cooler
    Material: layers of sturdy textile. Suits most wine bottles. Keeps the wine delightfully cool during the whole meal. Part of the Jakob Wagner collection. Dimensions: Overall Width - Side to Side: 10.24 Inches.
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    • Stoneware Bread Baker With Beer Bread Mix
    • Cini Boeri Sofa By Knoll
  • Dorset Wine Decanter
    Named for the picturesque county on England's southern coast, our sparkling crystal wine decanter is hand blown into facets that beautifully catch and reflect the light. Its wide, curved base creates a generous interior surface area, exposing wine to the ideal amount of oxygen. Beneficial for red and white varietals of all ages, aerating wines helps them to develop their full flavors and bouquet. Mouth blown of 24% lead crystal. Crafted at a Slovenian glassworks founded in 1927. Hand-wash.
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  • Wine Rack in Black by Menu
    Store your wine on the wall and enjoy the sight of the stylish bottles. Designer Jakob Wagner was inspired by the coiled and branching grapevines, the mother of all wines. And it certainly takes on a fascinating appearance, as the bottles seemingly waft a few centimetres from the wall. Menu’s wine rack is made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, coated in synthetic black rubber. It can be mounted on the wall with two screws and can hold up to six bottles – and safely holds ordinary wines, slim dessert wine bottles, and plump champagne bottles. Materials: Plastic, Rubber. Dimensions: 13 in (length)
    • Renaissance Series Brushes Long Handle
    • Classic 12 Heavy Body Professional Acrylic Color Set
    • Sapphire Series Synthetic Brushes Long Handle
    • Free Clip Art - Viking Artwork
  • Spiegelau Hybrid Decanter
    Aerating wine before serving allows the wine to breathe, opening up its distinctive aromas and flavors to their fullest. With brilliant clarity and generous curves, this crystal decanter can be used upright or placed on its side for maximum exposure of the wine to oxygen. Lead-free crystal. Can be placed upright or on its side for aerating wines. Dishwasher safe. Made by Spiegelau, a Bavarian-based company that has produced fine glassware for more than five centuries.
  • Menu Vignon Wine Thermometer
    We love how this innovative thermometer makes it easy to serve wine at the ideal temperature, ensuring the best possible flavor. Simply attach the wine thermometer like a belt around the bottle and within minutes you can read the temperature on the digital display. One-hour automatic off switch. Battery life expectancy: 15,000 hours. Made in Denmark.
  • Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator
    Exposing wine to air allows you to enjoy up to twice as much flavor and aroma—and with this timesaving tool, you can oxygenate wine from the bottle. Eliminating the need for a decanter, the aerator attaches to your wine bottle, so it's easy to pour perfectly oxygenated wine, glass by glass. Aerate your wine one glass at a time, right from the bottle. Innovative aerator is made of durable mouth-blown glass with multidirectional indented sides to optimize aeration. A durable silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal.
  • Menu Selection Vacuum Stopper
    Use this slim and stylish stopper to prevent good wine from going to waste. Menu’s Vacuum Stopper draws all the air from the bottle, keeping wine fresh for up to six days. Hand wash. Made in Denmark.
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  • Holmegaard Perfection Decanter
    There is more to enjoy a full-bodied glass of wine, than just buying a great vintage. An adequate temperature, the suitable glass and right decanting processes belong to the perfect serving of a wine. This is the reason why experts suggest using a suitable carafe, in order to set the fine aroma – even of a young wine – free. A carafe that will surely achieve in this is the Perfection by Holmegaard.
  • Menu Wineset, Waiters, Corkscrew and Decanting Pourer Vignon
    Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic. Classic lever principle. Stubborn corks are lifted easily and elegantly out of the bottle. Foil cutter slides out of the end of the handle. Drip-free and easy to use. Set also includes the Decanting Pourer Vignon. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: 7 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: 2 Inches. Overall Product Weight: 1 Pounds.
  • Riedel Flirt Decanter
    Material: lead crystal. Height: 35cm. Capacity: 1760ml. Sleek, tall decanter. Features a perfectly balanced sloped design. Long neck opens in a low body. Perfect for aerating wines. Mouth blown and free-formed by master craftsmen. Top choice of wine connoisseurs & chefs alike. Dishwasher safe. Packaged in a smart black & red Riedel box.
  • Menu of Denmark® Black Decanting Pourer and Aerator
    This drip-free aerator enhances the flavor of every glass of wine by filtering, splitting and oxygenating it as you pour. Bouquet and taste come to the forefront as your wine passes through the rubber-coated stopper. The flat front produces a wonderful, broad wine stream with the greatest possible surface area, so wine is properly aerated, and the fins ensure even flow into your glass. The front is transparent, allowing you to witness the transformation of the wine’s flavor and bouquet. Four small holes on the front allow the wine to come into contact with even more air, improving the wine’s flavor. Blade adds 43% more oxygen to the wine than conventional decanting pourers and aerates the wine so well that Eurofins named it the new winner in an independent test of the world’s best decanting pourers. 6" l x 1" w. Hand wash.
  • Riedel Escargot Decanter
    Material: lead crystal. Height: 15cm. Capacity: 1400ml. Unusual, unique decanter. Features a snail-like design with a curved lip. Long neck opens into a large 'shell' Perfect for aerating wines. Mouth blown and free-formed by master craftsmen. Top choice of wine connoisseurs & chefs alike. Dishwasher safe. Packaged in a smart black & red Riedel box.
  • Menu Jakob Wagner Vignon Vacuum Stopper
    Vignon Vacuum Stopper. Versatile and durable. Goes perfectly with the new decanting pourer models. Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel, Rubber and Plastic. Specifications: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 3.1 Inches. Overall Product Weight: 1.8 Pounds.
  • Delta Wine Decanting Carafe By Blomus
    This carafe's minimalist figure is of timeless beauty yet eminently practical at the same time. The unique shape of the closure means that when the wine is decanted, it runs down across the inner entire glass surface, thereby maximizing aeration. At the same time, the stainless steel lid serves as a cork and wine stone filter. The decanter top remains in place during serving. It retains wine stone and cork residues while the spout ensures drip-free pouring.
  • Menu Martin Sonne Vignon Wine Set with Decanting Pourer and Vacuum Stopper
    Vignon Wine set with Decanting Pourer and Vacuum Stopper. Good-looking, small vacuum bottle stopper. Hourglass shaped Decanting Pourer. Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic and Rubber. Specifications: Drip-free and easy to use. Complements the Martin Sonne Collection. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 1.8 Pounds.
  • Peugeot® Reseda Decanter
    This uniquely styled “duck” decanter features a sophisticated design that is perfect for decanting young, very acidic, or mass-produced red wines. Designed to enhance breathing, the pronounced punt also allows more light into the carafe, revealing each wine’s unique color. The narrow bottom of the carafe limits thermal transfer and helps keep wine at the proper serving temperature. Includes plastic drip catcher. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Lead-free glass, plastic. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 4½" x 7¼" or 9½" x 6" x 7¼" Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials. Made in Romania.
  • Menu Barware, Wine Rack
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    Create your own wall art. Designed by Jakob Wagner, Menu's wall-mounted wine rack economizes space but doesn't spare high style or function. It can hold 6 bottles, including dessert wines and champagne bottles. Shown in black, also available in aluminum. No Color. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon coated with synthetic rubber.
  • Riedel Pink Curly Decanter
    Material: mouth blown, handmade & lead crystal. Dimensions: H26.5cm / H10.5” Capacity: 1400ml. Coiled pig’s tail inspired shape with a pink swirl. Optimum shape for maximum wine enhancement. Creates a series of air pockets to aerate wine. Achieves in moments what would take hours in a bottle. Mouth blown & free-formed by master craftsmen. Top choice of wine connoisseurs & chefs alike. Packaged in a smart black Riedel box.