Menu A/S Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe
  • Wine Breather Deluxe design by Norm Architects for Menu
    Open a bottle of wine, place the Winebreather Deluxe over the bottleneck and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. Flip it all around once more to get the wine back in the original bottle, pour it and taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.
  • Wine Breather design by Menu
    This elegantly designed carafe aerates your wine in one easy step. Simply press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so that the wine pours into the decanter. You can serve the wine from the decanter, or flip it back over once it's done and pour the aerated wine back into the bottle and serve from the original bottle.
  • Peugeot® Variation Aerator Decanter
    Perfect for young red wines, this beautiful hand-blown glass decanter includes an innovative fluted glass stopper that aerates wine as it is being decanted, while the unique shape of the base allows the decanter to be displayed either upright or tilted. To further aerate the wine, simply swirl the bottle before serving. Suitable for decanting a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Glass. Care: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 9¼" x 9½" Warranty: 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials. Made in Romania.
  • Menu Wine Breather Red Wine Decanting Carafe
    Menu and Norm have worked together to create the Wine Breather - a decanting carafe that will make any red wine taste much better. The lid on the winebreather allows you to aerate the wine and make it taste its finest. Made from Glass, the wine carafe is very easy to use - simply place the carafe with the specialist lid on to the wine bottle and turn it upside and pour into the decanter. This aerates the wine well, but turn it again and pour the wine back into the bottle and it tastes even better. The glass carafe can also be used to serve as the lid is drip free and will look stunning placed onto any dining table. The perfect gift for any wine enthusiast as it is sure to please. Dimensions: 21cm Height. 17cm Diameter. Please
  • Menu Winebreather & Coolbreather Box - 2 decanting carafes set : red wine/white wine - Limited edition
    The finest for wine lovers: a complete wine aerator set for both red and white wines. Wine Breather and Cool Breather add up to 10 times more air to wine in just a few minutes, releasing its aroma and bouquet. With Wine Breather, you can choose to pour the wine back in the original bottle. And with Cool Breather, you can also keep your wine chilled or chill it faster if you do not want to wait. In detail: Type : Box. Colour : Transparent. Material : Glass - Silicone - Plastic - Stainless steel. Dimensions : Red wine carafe : H 21 cm - volume : 1,5 L / White wine carafe : H 29 cm - volume 1 L. Characteristics : Contents of the set : 1 decanter for red wine (aeration filling system in whirlwind, express oxygenation, reversible filling) + 1 decanter for white wine (ventilation filling system - cooling stick : to lower the wine temperature to 6°C)
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  • Menu Barware, Wine Breather Carafe
    Aerating improves texture and aroma of red wine. And the wine breather carafe from Menu allows you to simplify this step by a mere flip of the bottle. Once the wine has been aerated, simply turn it over and let the wine glide back into its bottle. You can also serve and store wine in the Danish-made carafe. No Color. Glass.
  • Menu Blade Wine Vacuum Pump
    New for 2012, Menu have teamed up with designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright to create a range of bar accessories. The collection is called Blade and features high quality but affordable wine tools that create a better wine tasting experience for all. The Vacuum Pump is a great design that removes air from your wine bottle - keeping your leftovers fresher for longer. Made from Rubber, the vacuum stopper is ergonomic and and aerodynamic meaning it is simple, quick and easy to use. Simply place the pump over one of the corks provided and place the cork in your wine bottle, then simply pull the handle up and down to remove all air. Once the air is removed, it stops the wine from oxidating and gives a longer life to your drink. A great gift idea for any avid wine lover, this vacuum pump is a must. Comes Gift Boxed and includes 2 rubber corks. Watch it in action in the video below. Dimensions: Height 18cm x W5.5cm.
  • Vinturi Wine Aerator
    Wine lovers have long known that allowing a wine to breathe before drinking it significantly improves your tasting experience, but the process is time consuming. Speed up natural aeration with these tools, designed to open and develop red or white wines in the time it takes to pour a glass. Operating without a battery or charcoal filter, the aerators gives wines the same enhanced bouquet, fuller flavor and smoother finish you'd achieve from extended decanting. Aerators mix wines with the ideal of amount of air for the optimal length of time to releases a wine’s full flavor and bouquet. Easy to use: simply hold the aerator over a glass and pour the wine through. Solidly made of acrylic. Red Wine Aerator: Designed with internal dimensions and a flow rate that opens up and release the full flavors of red varietals; includes a no-drip stand and filter screen. White Wine Aerator: The first specifically calibrated to mix white wines with the optimal amount of air; includes a no-drip stand. Dishwasher safe.
  • Menu Vacuum Stopper by Jakob Wagner
    Menu and Jakob Wagner have produced a range of wine accessories that will help you bring out the taste and keep your wine fresher for longer. This vacuum stopper has been designed to take all the air out of your wine so you can store it for up to 6 days. Made from Stainless Steel, rubber and plastic, the vacuum stopper is easy to use - simply pump the press a couple of times and all the air will come out of the bottle and then just press the stopper down to seal shut until you want to drink it again. An ideal gift for the wine lover in your life, it makes the perfect gift for any special day. Dimensions: Height 8cm.
  • Riedel Decanter
    The perfect partner for Riedel stemware, this well-priced carafe allows you to aerate wines before serving, enhancing both red and white varietals. Decanting allows older wines achieve full clarity and true color, while young vintages have a chance to open and develop. The lead-crystal carafe is crafted at Riedel's family-owned glassworks in Austria. Hand-wash. 38-oz. cap; 9 1/4" high.
  • Menu Champagne Saber
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    Made in China. Champagne saber. Crafted from stainless steel. Dimensions: H 1.5 Inches x W 4.3 Inches x L 18.6 Inches.
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  • Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set
    To reveal the full flowering of any red wine instantly, introduce maximum oxygen by decanting it through this easy-to-use spiral aerator into the matching glass decanter. The resulting difference in aroma and flavor is impressive. Patented mouthblown, double-walled, 3-phase glass aerator instantly multiplies oxygenation. Phase 1 catches any sediment while introducing oxygen as the wine flows by; phase 2 allows additional exposure to oxygen; phase 3 directs the wine through the spiral, dispersing it into the decanter. Mouthblown glass decanter is specially designed to hold the aerator. Aerator has an integral stainless-steel sediment filter. Includes a stainless-steel stand for holding and storing glass aerator.
  • Menu Deluxe Wine Breather Carafe
    Glass wine carafe that aerates wines with 10 times more oxygen. Other materials include stainless steel, plastic, and silicone. Holds up to 47ounces of liquid. Dimensions: H 8.3 Inches x W 7.9 Inches x L 7.9 Inches.
  • Carrol Boyes Wound Up Wine Aerator Set
    Bring out the rich flavors of your favorite wines with this aerator from Carrol Boyes. A sculptural coiled stand lets you artfully display it when not in use.
  • Menu of Denmark® Black Decanting Pourer and Aerator
    This drip-free aerator enhances the flavor of every glass of wine by filtering, splitting and oxygenating it as you pour. Bouquet and taste come to the forefront as your wine passes through the rubber-coated stopper. The flat front produces a wonderful, broad wine stream with the greatest possible surface area, so wine is properly aerated, and the fins ensure even flow into your glass. The front is transparent, allowing you to witness the transformation of the wine’s flavor and bouquet. Four small holes on the front allow the wine to come into contact with even more air, improving the wine’s flavor. Blade adds 43% more oxygen to the wine than conventional decanting pourers and aerates the wine so well that Eurofins named it the new winner in an independent test of the world’s best decanting pourers. 6" l x 1" w. Hand wash.
  • Menu Wine breather
    Menu's wine breather designed by Norm is an innovative product which aerates a bottle of wine so that it is ready to serve – in the original bottle – in less than 2 minutes. Aerating the wine causes its acidity and bitterness to evaporate, allowing the taste and aroma to develop. The wine breather by Norm makes it easy to serve aerated, ready to drink wine directly from the original bottle, enabling the bottle to tell its personal story. The secret is found in the unique wine breather invented by wine expert Peter Ørsig. Just place the wine breather in the carafe's neck and let the show begin! The actual aeration process is untraditional and worth seeing, so your guests will probably enjoy witnessing the wine breather in action. Place the bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Then, carefully turn the bottle over and allow the wine to flow into the carafe. The wine breather spreads the wine so that it splashes through the neck of the carafe and flows down its sides, providing the maximum possible surface area. The wine can be served in the stylish carafe, but if you prefer to have the original bottle on the table, just turn the carafe over again and the wine flows back into the bottle. Menu's wine breather is what you need for a fantastic wine experience! Manufacturer: Menu. Design: Norm. Material: Glass, silicone, steel, plastic.
  • Menu Barware, Wine Rack
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    Create your own wall art. Designed by Jakob Wagner, Menu's wall-mounted wine rack economizes space but doesn't spare high style or function. It can hold 6 bottles, including dessert wines and champagne bottles. Shown in black, also available in aluminum. No Color. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon coated with synthetic rubber.
  • Carrol Boyes "Full Bodied" Wine Aerator Set
    Bring out the rich flavors of your favorite wines with this aerator from Carrol Boyes. A sculptural stand modeled after the human figure lets you artfully display it when not in use. Aluminum/acrylic. Hand wash. Set includes aerator and stand. 1.22 X 9.25 x 10.83" Made in South Africa.
  • Menu Jakob Wagner Cool Coat Wine Cooler
    Material: layers of sturdy textile. Part of the Jakob Wagner collection. Suits most wine bottles. Keeps the wine delightfully cool during the whole meal.
  • Soiree Wine Aerator with Stand
    Decanting wine is an excellent way to release its complex aroma and flavor, but the process takes time. This tool speeds things up by aerating the wine as you pour. As you pour, dimples within the aerator agitate the wine, introducing oxygen and opening up the wine’s subtle aromas. Base fits snugly into the neck of the bottle and has two gasket diameters to fit a cork-sealed or screw-top bottle. Aerator is hand made of fortified blown glass. For more aeration, invert the bottle and pour quickly. For less aeration, pour slowly. Comes with a stand for storage. Stand has a weep hole at the bottom to catch wine drips or water after washing. 3" x 5 1/2" x 3" high. Made in China.
  • Menu Barware, Wine Pourer & Vacuum Stopper Set
    Put a stop to messy pours. This essential barware set from Menu includes a wine pourer for clean, drip-free serving, then a vacuum-sealed stopper to preserve what's left in the bottle. Steel; rubber; plastic.
  • Menu Wine Breather Carafe
    Wine Breather Carafe by Menu. New Norm Wine Breather breathes your wine in an instant, and even enables you to pour ready to drink wine directly from the bottle! Simply connect the unique wine breather and the bottle, and turn around! You can either serve the wine in the elegant carafe, or turn around once more to let the well-breathed wine run back into the original bottle. New Norm Wine Breather will mature and soften your wine as much as several months of bottle aging - in less than 2 minutes! Details: Made of glass, silicone, stainless steel, and plastic. 8.3H" Scandinavian Design Originals. 3 little words. But they express everything for Menu. A never-ending search for beautiful Scandinavian design with true originality. Aesthetic and practical daily surprises that you become happier and happier to look at, touch and use. Surprises that make you say: But of course - how come no one has thought of that before?
  • Menu Barware, Cool Breather Carafe
    White wine at its best. Simply insert any bottle into Menu's bottle-shaped carafe – wine will trickle down its interior, aerating as it flows. Cap it all off with a frozen cooling stick, designed to bring wine to a crisp and refreshing 41 degrees. Glass; silicone; stainless steel; plastic.
  • menu Multi Carafe
    Designer Jakob Munk's elegant decanter is a part of Menu's wine accessories series, Vignon. The decanter is versatile, and can be used for both wine and water. With its slender form, it can be placed on refrigerator door shelves, and the tight-fitting solid glass stopper ensures that water does not acquire taste from the refrigerator. The decanter is large enough to use for wine aeration, and the slanted funnel-formed opening makes it easy to pour from wine bottle to decanter. Holds 34 ounces. Measures 7.5"w x 8.7"h.
  • Menu Barware, Vignon Vacuum Stopper
    Don't waste another drop of wine. Instead, use Menu's new Vignon vacuum stopper that safely removes all the air from the bottle allowing you to store it for up to six days. It's small and easy to use and goes perfectly with the new decanting pourers. Plastic/stainless steel/rubber.
  • Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator
    Exposing wine to air allows you to enjoy up to twice as much flavor and aroma'and with this timesaving tool, you can oxygenate wine from the bottle. Eliminating the need for a decanter, the aerator attaches to your wine bottle, so it's easy to pour perfectly oxygenated wine, glass by glass. Aerate your wine one glass at a time, right from the bottle. Innovative aerator is made of durable mouth-blown glass with multidirectional indented sides to optimize aeration. A durable silicone gasket ensures an airtight seal.
  • Menu Cool Bottle
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    Made in Turkey. Cool bottle with 2 freezing sticks. Holds up to 34 ounces of liquid. Dimensions: H 11.4 Inches x W 3.1 Inches x L 3.1 Inches.
  • menu Cool Breather Carafe
    The Menu Cool Breather is changing how we serve white wine. Aerate white wine? Yes! White wine experiences the same benefits from aeration as red wine does. The process opens up the wine and enhances the flavor. This beautiful bottle-shaped carafe easily and elegantly aerates and at the same time keeps the white wine refreshingly cool and flavorful. Simply place the wine bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Turn the bottle and carafe over to experience the bobbling sound of the white wine aerating through the neck and down the carafe. The integrated re-usable cooling stick keeps the aerated white wine cold without an inconvenient ice bucket. Fill the cooling stick with water and freeze. Then insert into the carafe when it's time to serve. Your wine will stay perfectly chilled. The carafe and cooling stick work equally well for serving ice tea, water or other cold drinks. Made of glass and stainless steel. Capacity 33.8 oz. Designed by Norm Architects. Dimensions: 11.4"h.