Merci Markovic [ Haute Couture Assassins ]

a. Tell us about you. What’s your name? how old you are you? Your background?
''My name is Merci. I'm 21...'' She thought for a moment. How to describe her background? ''Well, I grew up In Vinkovci with my father. He was a foot soldier for the Croatian mafia. He didn't want me to know, but I found out eventually. He was ashamed. But I didn't blame him. It was a family business. He was pushed into it. My mother died giving birth to me. When I was 17 I fell into some bad stuff. Trying to cope with my father's death, becoming an orphan. I had no living relatives left. I had only a year though and then I would legally be on my own. To tell you the truth, this, here, is all I have. I have no where else to go.

b. Why should we even consider you for a job? What could you bring to the agency that we haven’t seen before? Skill. A skill few have. I get the job done with time to spare.

c. How much experience do you have? Any unusual talents? ''Well, I can gunspin?'' She offered, smiling lightly. She didn't have very many talents at all. ''I guess you could say I have a pretty good sense of humor. You could get a few good laughs from me.''

d. What’s your greatest weakness and what’s your greatest strength? My greatest weakness is that I fail to see my weaknesses. My greatest strength is my detachment. How I can take myself away from what I'm doing. It doesn't haunt me so much when I do that.

e. What are you passionate about? ''Not much these days. But I do enjoy painting now and then.''

f. Describe your work style. ''Efficient, clean.''

☪ Biography layout:

Name, last name : Merci Markovic, age 21

Hometown: Vinkovci, Croatia

Theme song: House of The Rising Sun

Scent: Camel cigarettes, freshly brewed black coffee and faint trace of gun powder.

Never without: A pack of Camels, semi-automatic,

The tramp/specialization: Guns. Merci is never without her SIG pro semi-automic pistol.

Likes: Black coffee, cigarettes, overcast, and black clothing.

Dislikes: People who don't drive as fast as she would hope. She has a bit of road rage.

Bio: Andro Markovic, father of Merci, was a soldier for the Croatian mafia. The third generation in his family to be involved in that line of work. He wanted to cut all ties with the mob to raise his unborn child, but was blackmailed to stay. He knew too much. Raising his daughter, after the death of his wife was tough, to say the least, but he managed. He didn't tell her his profession. But she found out when she found evidence of his involvement and questioned him. At the age of 17, she found out, through a policeman knocking at her door that her father had been killed in a drug trade gone wrong. She grieved her loss but as she did, she was taken to a small orphanage until she was of age. At 18 she was all but thrown out on the streets. No home, no one to go to. She regretfully resorted to following in her late father's footsteps. She became a hitman for the large amount of cash it provided. The job was offered by her father's old underboss, doing her a favor in the name of her father. But her boss was arrested, after many years of attempting to collect evidence against him and she had to disappear. But this was all she knows. All she has left.

Model: Marina Perez
Taken by: @fatal-female ?
Agency: måne ☾

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