mermaid queen | items part i

So Pelagia, being a mermaid, does not fully understand what clothes are for; she favors mostly loose-fitting things on a daily basis, with no sleeves and not a lot to encumber her, almost exclusively dresses, usually in warm ocean-y colors with lots of patterns. On the job, she might toss a neutral blazer over the top of a patterned dress, or a patterned blazer over a neutral dress, but mostly she prefers to not wear one. Heels are something she can use, and all of her shoes, flats and heels alike, are striking and bejeweled, but she would much rather go barefoot. She has tons of jewelry, mostly in gold and emerald and citrine, some of it acquired from the bottom of the ocean. She does not wear nail polish or perfume because she is preternaturally perfect, physically, and will probably happily tell you all about it.
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