The Mermaid Witch

It's as if the mermaid who became human, decided she'd emulate the prince she loved so much. Melusine is the mermaid witch, she's a foolish young witch who fights for love and justice. Even if it's her own twisted vision of it. Her tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. She desires revolution, and has no will to be a weak willed witch, and would much rather be the handsome prince.
If one wants to summon her, they'll need sea water, a love song, a golden trinket, a dagger, and a sense of justice in their heart. She's a witch of healing. She makes her home in kingdoms by the sea. She loves the sound of music, it's her greatest joy. Her familiar is a goldfish she bought when she was still a mortal, it's been with her all these years. Neptune is her guiding planet.

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Love this collection so much !!@

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Beautiful collection


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