All right, so there are a few days to go still, but if I'm even being sort of honest, there's no way I'm going to get something else made before then. So, happy holidays, everybody.

I'm really pleased with all of my Christmas shopping, both for myself and others. I finally got my bank account working again, and I went on a €35 spree and actually got quite a lot of nice clothes--three warm scarves, a sweater, a couple t-shirts, and a skirt. I also ordered Craig Thompson's "Carnet de Voyage" for myself for Christmas. (Incidentally, I ordered "Habibi" for my host sister Elisa for Christmas. She's asked me before about what books I would recommend, and so I thought that would be a good present for her, it's one of my very favorite comic books--and books in general. The thing is, I forgot how much there is about sex in there. I hope she's okay with it. By "okay with it," I really mean that I hope she is simply sucked into the story and finds everything beautiful, and doesn't comment on how weird some of it is.) I'm basically done with all my preparations. 

Otherwise, I have a book to finish, a paper to write, and then I'm really just going to relax. I've just been so down lately--I'd say depressed, but I've been really, truly depressed, and it's not like that. It's just that I'm normally a very quiet person, and I feel like I've been ten times quieter recently. I've literally made no friends, except for the other exchange students. 

So, as idiotic as I often find New Year's Resolutions, I have one for next year. Try just a little--attempt--to get over myself. Say a few sentences to people. Make a friend, or at least a pleasant acquaintance.
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