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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a marvelous day! - I thought I would make a NZ themed christmas set pavlovas is a NZ dessert its so pretty and yummyI love the strawberries and kiwifruit, The plant at the bottom is a NZ one thats christmassy not like I have actually seen one before but I thought the pic was pretty. And Kiwis are a very NZ thing too. 

A special merry christmas to these amazing lovely ladies thanks so much for all the comments, I love messaging you too! And thanks for having amazing sets I can look at too! you mean so much to me :) 
@ashleypetrova @claire-alyssa @juliehollywood @beachchickxoxo @nikkimarie19 - thanks again you guys EPIC!

And thank you to these amazing girls that made me christmas sets @ashleypetrova @juliehollywood @claire-alyssa @giuletta27 @chasidy023 @beachchickxoxo @miss-totta @ohdear-isoldmybrainforacookie @cathy-irish-chic

And Merry christmas to these awesome girls too 
@misssophie @misslcb/@miss-wesley-pattinson @caty-wesley @save-my-soul @lexieannmalfoy @rainie-minnie @belieberdiaries @lollie

ps - im so sorry if I have missed anyone
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