i'm giving a christmas/hanukkah present 'cause you know i do those now apparently!
i'm going to write you a letter 'cause the collection - which is below - is kinda shit cx

dear my shamaizng bestfriend,
we've known each other for like what five months now?
we're so close now it's kinda creepy...
we bonded over lukey at the very start but now we talk about who knows what!
i love you like i love cake- 'cause you know i'm a fat kid cx
you like hated me when i told you i had never seen or read harry potter, nothing will beat my promise last night c;
you get my strange obsession with the gingah jesus aka edward christopher sheeran 
well i can't think of anything else so yeah bubye
love you ya nigga hoe<3

~ http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2121965
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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
welcome allikins<33

Wrote 4 years ago
thx chu craigyyy i love you <33





This group is for everyone. Not only anons.
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If you are on an anon account, you can scroll through the members and see if you can find someone you just want to talk to.
Its the perfect way to meet new people :)
Have fun!

Anons! :)

Anons! :)

Hey you, over there! yes you! hey you know what you should do? no not that, but you should join this group!!!!!

Okay, first this group is for Anons AND Non-Anons(:
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lmfao ya so have a boat load of fun with this(:

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