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My hair was deep rich red in the reflections of the mirrors. A color more red than auburn, a color that had black highlights instead of the usual brown that most redheads had. It was as if someone had taken dark red rubies and spun them out into hair. "Blood auburn it was called in the high court of the fae royalty. It was actually my natural color. The only things I still had to hide were the vibrant green and gold of my eyes and the luminosity of my skin. I used dark brown contacts for the eyes. My skin–- that I had to tone down using glamour, magic."

One of my favorite book series by Laurell K. Hamilton (she needs to write another already). The character above is Merry Gentry herself and the books are about an exiled faerie princess, but not faerie like with wings and flitter about. There are fae like that mentioned in the book, but she is a sidhe (pronounced she) princess. These books are extremely fantastic. Somewhat gory at times, and very, very seXXX rated (notice the triple x's? not exaggerating).
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