Oh im SOO SOO terribly sorryy i hvnt been on! i went to australia for a vacation (: bt im back noow!
MERRY (LATE) CHRISTMASS EVERYONEE i hope you all had a wonderful one!

This is set is for:
@claire-alyssa @ashleypetrova @beachchickxoxo @lollie @caty-wesley @believeinmiracles @save-my-soul @kristycullen @giuletta27 @cathy-irish-chic @jennii1992 @miss-totta 
THANK U GIRLIESS for the birthday/xmas set! they are BEAUTIFULL & i love love love them! i really wnt to comment on each & every one but polyvore isn't showing my comments :'( but just know i absolutely love themm thank u so much & i hope you like this one (:

This is also for:
 @ccbellapaige13 @mrs-crawford @caty-wesley @chloeisinfectedbydarrenits @black-diamond @elenasmile @elenaaa-salvatore @isobellah @juliehollywood @missezzzcaitlinbieber @nikkimarie19 @mery90 @milica-petrova @marina-petrova 

Merry christmas to everyone! i love you all ♥

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