holy mother of god, that title was kind of meen.. 
ehm.. just ignore the title. 

not in the best mood..

-have finally got a recorder to my songs
(yes i have my own band) 
Abducted it's called, my best friend Maria is in it.
im kind of proud of my self, cause i have wroted all the songs, and we have 26 song..
hope to get some fans, or what i should call it. :) some as like my music, when its comes out. 

-promis to make nice old school, rock, for rock lovers like me :)

two comments

Wrote three years ago
@rincess-filth Woow thank you so much:-) im happy for you are iterrested means alot :-)

Wrote three years ago
I love the name of your band! And now Im really intersted in hearing your music :P

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