Happy New Years~!!
Ok, so I love ALL of you guys, you know that right? 
So I just wanted to remind all of you lovely people out there that have impacted me so much and have taught me so much and all the people that I just have fun with that you guys all mean a lot to me :')
Ive been off polyvore for almost a month and I have completely been off contact and I AM SO SORRY for that, seriously I am. I even misplaced some of the convos that I was tagged in that happened more then two weeks ago. 
Im sooo sorry, forgive me for not being on for too long. 
But hopefully I'll be able to make more sets during this month of vacation that I have ^^ (lol, you guys have NO IDEA how excited I am about my vacation^^) 

I love you guys a bunch! 
Tell me, whats your New Years Resolution? Hahaha Im sure most of us, well me for sure, dont actually attempt to acheive them after Januray, but share some with me, I'd love to hear them!

Once again, I love you guys to death, don't forget that Im always here and waiting for you guys for a comment or a message if you guys need help or are worried about something or just have questions :*
Love you all and Happy New Years x)

and Personal love to the following ^^:
@mybestfriendsazombie <3
@coral-sequence (you scared me because I couldnt find your older username (aqua-shine) for a second)
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