I love messy ponytails. They look so effortless and super cute at the same time! I think it looks especially adorable on layered, highlighted hair. (This style will turn out messier if you do NOT do it on the day you washed your hair; which you want!) Here's how to do it!

O1;; Brush hair briefly with a wide tooth comb and mist it with a heat protectant.

O2;; Straighten your hair all over including fringe/bangs. If you want, you can tease your hair for more scraggly volume.

O3;; Now do NOT brush your hair-- just gather it up into a high ponytail (or whatever placing) without even finger combing it so that you get lots of bubbles.

O4;; Leave out some fringe just above your ears, then secure the ponytail with either a thin black hair elastic or one that matches your exact hair color. Separate into two sections and pull apart to tighten the ponytail so it's flat against your head. If you want, take a small strip of hair from under the pony and wrap it around the elastic to hide it, then pin it in place.

O5;; Next, if you have any huge bubbles you can pin them down with bobbies right in the middle of the bubble so it creates two little ones.

O6;; If you have bangs that fall out of the pony, leave a little volume under it then pin them back with two bobbies making an X.

O7;; Rub some hair texture clay or hair gel in your palms to warm it up, then apply it to the ends of your ponytail.

& you're done! Enjoy!
Tip requested by @ali3299. Open to more requests! :)

♥ abi rae
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