Yeah alright I agree this is't very 'Mexico'. haha c:
But err that building in the bottom left corner is the Plaza de la Constitucion
And this isn't the arty-est art set out there 
I tried a cropped art set. That didn't turn out so well... lol :3
Okay yess I would like to go to the Plaza de la Constitucion :D
and then to all those atzec pyramids and those pretty beaches :3
I hope you like it :3


Omg people had a fight today at recess. 
Apparantly it was pretty intense. One guy was spitting blood... At lunch they called us all to the hall and the principal lectured us for about half an hour :/
The idiots that fought should know that that was gonna happen. Yep my school is pretty strict on that kind of stuff. Which is good I guess.

It was St. Patricks day today as you should all know!
So people did some Irish dancing which was pretty cool :3
and then 2 guys did the Worlds Greatest Shave
and we tons of people watched 
I feel bad though because I didn't have money on me so I couldn't donate anything :(

Then I had history.
the guy sitting next to me (the guy who I also sit behind in maths) kept rocking on his chair, to the left. where I was sitting. -.-" 
I was like 'dude... can you move over please? This is getting weird.'
And he kept doing it. I asked why he did it. And he was like 'thats just how I roll'
and I was like '...' -facepalm-
roar he's so annoying.

And then I had music which was fun :3
I played guitar
and when the teacher left the room to go to the other group playing the melody part (because we're learning 'It's a Long Way To the Top) I started playing One Direction songs on the piano
and my friends were like ZOMG!! 
then the boys were like STOOOP!!
lol :3
Well that's about all that happened to me today 
K bye :3
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