*My guy, no dramas

Have I ever mentioned that I adore Kevin in such an insane way? hahaha, ok that was supposed to be a secret but now everybody knows it! LOL! and I love that picture of him, he looks so perfect!! <3

Anyway, as I always do and just for the pleasure to actually 'talk' to no one I'll tell you guys about my last night's conversation with my best friend -Stephanie- so basically she has been feeling unconfident recently, which coming from me is one of the most usual things ever, but coming from her it's quite worrying, she was telling me that she wanted a boyfriend! yeah, my best friend wants a boyfriend just because she feels trapped in a social circle she's starting to hate, specially since her ex boyfriend is hanging out with her 'friends' most of the time and it makes her sick, it's kind of sad that my best friend is acting in such a lame way but again, all I can do is comfort her instead of point out the obvious -since i've already done so and it had no repercussion in her recent behavior-. So instead of telling her how wrong she was I start to tell her about my lasts encounters with my 'pals' here. And it comes that I decided to share with her how stressful and pestering it's that people keeps telling you to get a boyfriend! one would say I was just trying to make her react but in fact I was being sincere about my feelings and her insecurities just flourished in the perfect timing so I could go ahead with one of my 'feminist' lectures. And so I'm really pissed that whenever I barely state my unconformity about living here or my worries about if I'm doing the correct with my life, people point out or rather suggest and advice me to 'find a boyfriend'??
Damn! I'm so sorry to whine about this but usually the conversation it's the same.

"Hey! how are you?"
"Fine! and you?"
"Great! I love Paris!" 
"Oh... you do... *silence since I have no idea of what to say, -oh! I hate it- it's not a very nice reply* that's great, you know, that you're enjoying yourself here! *kind smile*"
"You should get a boyfriend like I did, that way you'd be enjoying more the city!" 

or like the other day in the fashion show.

"OMG! I'm so envious of those models"
"Yeah, they're quite skinny and tall! :)" 
"Yeah, I know, they remind me why I feel so bad standing next to my b-friend! He's so tall and hyper skinny!" 
"Is he? but hey! you're skinny as well!"
"You should get a boyfriend!" 

"Hey! how's school! I heard that you were planning to change your major and move to -x place"
"Yeah, I am! I'm actually thinking about it a lot, I'm so confused, I love fashion and all but-"
"You know what? you should get a boyfriend!"

and so that's how everybody ends by remarking the fact I don't have a boyfriend, and well it doesn't annoy me at all, but then it comes the fact people seems to think I'm not completely happy cause I don't have a boyfriend! and then I start with all my thoughts about society and I feel bad just thinking about how women underestimate themselves having the wrong conception that they need a man by their sides to be completely happy! Can someone explain me how would it change the fact I don't like Paris or does someone know how does it relate to the fact I'm re-considering my career choice? please! if you can, please do it, cause I don't have any clue on how those things would be related! If you think that a man would magically change your life, then I'm soooo sorry to tell you this but you're completely wrong and you’ve been living deceived! 
No doubt it fills you in such an amazing way but it also comes along with problems, arguments and all the things relationships include! I will sound like one of those feminist activists but sincerely if women in this century keep thinking that way, I sincerely feel pity. Come one girls! we need to learn how to feel proud of our condition of women, we need to start to see our value and realize that no matter what, we don't need anything, apart form ourselves to be fully happy, yeah I know that having a partner makes us happy and everything but we can not depend on others to feel joy! Idk.. probably It's just that I'm hyper sensible lately but people living in such a way makes me wonder if there's something I've been missing about life. I'm sorry for writing this but seriously I was so concerned about how women see themselves that I couldn't help it... so yeah basically what I wanted to say is that against any other thought you may have, any kind of happiness is inside you, you need to love yourself so others can see how wonderful you are and not the other way around.

At the end my conversation with my best friend ended in such an unpredictable way. 
Me: "See Stephanie, we aren't supposed to think that a guy will magically resolve your problems! It also comes along with the responsibility of taking care of a relationship and make it work."
She: Is that the reason why you don't want a boyfriend now? 
Me: well, actually I have one, and he makes me incredibly happy.
Friend: O_o whattt?????
Me: Yeah, his name is Jaeseop, people usually calls him AJ, he's exactly my type, you know: intelligent super tall and gorgeous, manly but playful and...
Friend: Got it, you prefer sticking to your idols instead of living real life.
Me: No, actually I prefer having no dramas, at least for the moment. No when I'm thinking about my future, about my goals and what I want to do to be happy by myself. You see, I don't have to call AJ, I don't have to change my schedule to see him, he doesn't get mad if I fangirl about someone else or if I go on a date with a guy I know I won't keep meeting, he's there, yet he's not. There's no drama... playing safe...
Friend: ¬_¬ just 5 minutes ago you were talking about how women try to find happiness in someone else... I think I can relate that to someone I know...

LOL and so that long post explained the title of the set! haha have a wonderful night girls! <3


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so cool and perfect!

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this is fab...i love this look!

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@chomiczynka: You shouldn't question yourself, it probably will sound cliché but everything comes at the right time when you're not expecting it and when you're not desperately trying to force things. I completely get your point cause my sister had told me something similar as well about her feelings, of course we need someone by our side to fullfil some needs that we have but that's not my point, I'm not saying women don't need men at all, but what I want to come to is that women shouldn't believe that happiness is only about having a boyfriend, cause that's not only lame but also pejorative with themselves. I completely agree with you, except for one point: all relationships need to be taken care of, otherwise there's no point on having one, and by taking care of I don't mean you have to glue yourself to the other person but that you have to learn how to understand him/her that's exactly how relationships work not only with couples but in every aspect in life, you need to know how to create bonds with those around you and you need to be conscious about how your behavior would affect them. I know there's wonderful relationships cause I've had them, I'm still good friends with most of my ex-boyfriends, but that's exactly the point, nothing can be amazing out of the blue, you need to nourish your affections so at one point you don't have to keep thinking about it and it just comes naturally. And even in those relationships where nothing goes perfect you still can have wonderful and memorable times, that's not what I'm saying. I'm just questioning that people think you necessarily need someone else to be completely happy, when that's not the case cause guys just come and go -of course at the end only the right one will stay by your side- but you need to love yourself and not overlook the fact you're a human being with the ability to be happy by your own, not depending on others, that way you'll also be able to make other happy.

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oh this is so lovely!

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very stylish set so nice design just love it !!!

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My sister's first boyfriend was causing only troubles, and she was only worrying about him - but some relationships can be truly wonderful without all drama and 'taking care of relationship' you mentioned. My sis' current boyfriend is a wonderful man and that's because he is not only her bf, but also my friend, my mom's friend, even my grandma's friend.
He literally lives in our house [because it takes him more than two hours to get to my city, he often stays at my home for almost a week, when he had classes].
Not only my sister, but we all can count on him.
My dad adores him. He finally has 'a son'.
There weren't a single argument between them; they don't have to see each other 24 hour per day.
But, my sister told me that, it's because it started with a friendship; it wasn't the love at first sight. And the longer she is with him, the more she loves him.
Some relationships are truly amazing! [Obviously I know tons of couples that have a lot of drama and problems and I often ask myself why they don't break up]
And absolutely no one asks me to get a boyfriend. I get the point that we females don't need a guy to be happy. But the more you get older the more you feel lonely. You just want to feel...desired. Not really loved, 'cause your parents and your friends love you, but you want to be desired by someone. You want someone to dream about you. @dragongirl142 , physical contact, as you called that:)
I'm super shy and I have a very low self esteem; and the fact that for 22 years of my life no one asked me out makes me really doubt in myself.

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I agree with you unnie! Sure while having a boyfriend could bring wonderful feelings...well it's not the only wonderful feelings you can have. You can still share it with your friends and family ^_^ I love being single right now; if I had a boyfriend now then well that's cool, if not then I'll live =p
I also love your idea of having an "idol boyfriend" - there is no drama! unfortunately not much physical contact, but you can still see hundreds of videos on youtube of his sexy hair, abs, etc :D and you can have several too ^^

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amazing seet!!!!

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Awesome!!! Such cool layout!

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This is awesome! Love the layout and the outfit!

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gorgeous set!!

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fab, dear!!!

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Amaazing!! ^_^

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Gorgeous dear, so cool, love it!!!♥♥♥

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So cool set and style, love it ♥

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